Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Essence Snow White Collection

I knew I wanted this collection as soon as I set on it! I had my eye on the Evil Queen purple topper but when I got to my local Penney’s I only found Sleepy!(Well,Sneezy was there too but it’s brown and I’m not too gone on brown nail varnish). Luckily I managed to get to other Penney’s and pick up The Huntsman and Evil Queen toppers. Here are some swatches.


Sleepy with Huntsman over, no flash


With Flash

I wasn’t too gone on Huntsman when I first got it but as you can see on the middle finger and some of the others, it’s not just glitter but chunks of almost shattered mirror like pieces which I LOVE.


Black polish with Evil Queen Topper at the top of the nails.


You’ll have to forgive the lack of natural light pictures here as I had to take off the nail polish before bed. The Evil Queen polish is very gloopy, almost glue like and it wouldn’t dry for me. And I was afraid of getting it all over my bed sheets! I do like the effect I got off it but it needs several layers to build up. So I ended up first wanting the Evil and not impressed with Huntsman to loving Huntsman and being underwhelmed by Evil Queen!

You can see more swatches here on Pakokeets. I LOVE the electric blue Grumpy and Snow White red is pretty amazing too. Had I seen then I would have snapped them up as well. If you’re lucky you might by able to, but you’ll have to hurry as they are selling pretty fast!


  1. Replies
    1. It's awesome! It's really gold looking in the bottle but doesn't look so much like that when applied.

  2. OH I love Huntsman! Very much envying your proximity to Pennys! Wish I could get it here :)

    1. You should try get someone to send it to you! It really is pretty


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