Thursday, August 9, 2012

25 Before 25: Enter a Craftster Challenge

I’ve been a member of Craftster since 2005. It’s a forum and community where people can post various different craft projects, sometimes even posting a tutorial for the project. You can ask questions and there’s blog posts too were Craftster staff post and highlight some projects.
And there’s the Craftster Challenge. Every month there’s a different challenge announced (it can be anything! One month it could be make something using items only found in a second hand shop and then next month could be projects with matchboxes). I’ve wanted to enter one of these for ages but could never work up the courage. So I decided to use 25 Before 25 to motivate me. And when I saw that this month’s challenge was food related I leapt at the chance to enter (ya, I technically wanted to do a crafty challenge but I don’t know what September and October will bring so I thought it was safer to enter something I knew I’d feel confident with rather than risk something completely and utterly out of my comfort zone). I went with the Spinach and Cheese Gnocchi Bake that I posted for my 30 Days of Pinterest. I recooked it from scratch and took photos of the different steps.
You can find my Craftster post here and if you wish and have a Craftster account I’d love a vote off you! Thanks!


  1. I never knew about Craftster, it sounds brilliant. Definitely will open an account and vote x

    1. Thank you! And if you love crafting prepare to be addicted! It's a great site. And there's sections for beauty and cooking too, as well as art and drawing which is cool!


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