Tuesday, October 16, 2012

25 Before 25: Sew Something from Scratch

Not content with a tea party fundraiser to organize, I also wanted to sew a skirt from scratch for it. I’ve barely any sewing skills so I decided a skirt circle would be easiest. And then I decided to make it a tiny bit more complicated for myself by added a zip, waistband and pleats. Sure why not?!

Instagram shot of work in progress!

I loosely followed the instructions from Keeping It Simple, her guide on a circle skirt. Needs to say, due to me being a beginner, I ended up with seams that were not too straight and also a wonky zip. But I loved the results!

Finished skirt!

As you can see I went for tea pots to go with the tea party theme. I love the skirt, it was fun to wear as you’ll see in the photo below!


I also used some scrap material to make a small bit of bunting.

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