Thursday, October 18, 2012

YouTube Pick of the Week

Back to a nice mix of things after last week’s Gangnam Style week!

I love these guys, they always have me in stitches. All Irish people should enjoy this Glenroe Swipe video!

Big week this week as Chanel No.5 has it’s first ever campaign front by a man (that man being Brad Pitt!). To see it click here. I,however, prefer this video. It sums up my reaction to the whole thing perfectly.

I did however love this video about Chanel No.5 and some history behind it. It’s a very charming video.

Bodyform has decided to tell the truth! Very funny.

I’ll admit there was some dust in my eye watching a father describe his daughters wedding day.

Finally RTE released a One Take Lip Dub to The Stunning’s ‘Brewing Up a Storm’. So much going on in this video, I must saw I was impressed by it.

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