Friday, April 4, 2014

March Recap

I enjoyed February’s Recap so I’ve decided to do it again for March.

Doing- Travelling. Or so it felt! I spent time in Birmingham with with Pinterest UK baking bread (post up soon promise!). I then went to London to spend my first St. Patrick’s Day abroad and finally I went home to Ireland for almost 2 weeks, where I was on the go non-stop meeting friends (and buying nail varnish)!

Crafting- I’ve been knitting mainly! I joined a local knitting club, full of lovely people. I’ve been 3 times now and I’m really enjoying getting back into knitting. I hope to progress past my current skill level, I’m going to spend a bit of time getting used to knitting and polishing up my skills and then I’ll try challenge myself more.

Reading- Irish authors. I spoke about it in my last blog post, my March Reads catch up. I really enjoyed doing it and I discovered LOADS of Irish authors I had never heard about before. Or did even know was Irish! (I’m looking at you John Boyne, author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. And I’ve even read that!). I complied a list all the authors HERE, if you have any others to add let me know in the comments below.

irish authors collage

Playing- Not an app or video game this time round but Cards Against Humanity! Spent hours playing this with friends back home. It’s a hard game to describe (at least I find it hard) so check out the website. If you’re familiar with Apples to Apples then you’ll know how to play Cards Against Humanity, it’s like A2A but a lot less PC! Seriously, to play this game you have to not be offended by anything, nothing is off limits. But it does result in some hilarious results. You can buy the game or download for free on the website!

Listening- I’ve started listening to the new podcast from the QI Elves called No Such Thing As A Fish (that’s explained at the beginning of the podcast and was featured in an episode of QI). The Elves discuss interesting things they’ve discovered this week. There’s been 5 episodes so far (just discovered one was uploaded a few hours ago, delighted!) and you can listen/download by clicking this link.


Loving- No Makeup Selfies. Look, I’ll be the first to admit I hated it at first, as I thought it was pointless and attention seeking. But then people started to donate and so much money was raised, I was gobsmacked at how quickly it piled up (I will point out though that I don’t like the peer pressure that went along with this though, when people didn’t want to post pictures. The picture wasn’t the most important thing after all!). While I posted my picture up, I didn’t donate money as I had no credit on either phones to do so. Instead, I donated my time by volunteering for 3 hours on Daffodil Day. It was my second year doing so and I loved it.


And that’s about it! How was March for you?

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