Monday, July 21, 2014

BookTubeAThon 2014 Results

I almost didn’t want to post this but decided that since I gave it a post before I started (read here) then I needed to do a wrap up post too. In case you haven’t guessed, I really didn’t do well! I didn’t manage to complete all 7 challenges. I’m not sure I’ve even completed one! Unlike last year, I didn’t keep track of what and how much I read each day, work pretty much took it out of me, especially working extra hours. I was usually way too tired to read after work, though I did try to read some during breaks. Let’s see how I got on.

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

I got the first book from the library and read it that afternoon. The second book should have been on the shelves there but wasn’t so I ordered it online. Unfortunately it still hasn’t arrived, I checked each day and when I saw it didn’t come in Saturday, I ultimately just gave up on BookTubeAThon! If I had gotten the book I definitely would have pushed to complete everything. I will still read the second book as I loved it and found it so interesting.

The Antiques Magpie by Marc Allum

I got 48% through this. I read it mainly during breaks at work, it’s full of interesting titbits so it’s perfect for picking up for 15 minutes or so here and there. I will hopefully finish this this week.

The Hive by Gill Hornby (audiobook)

I listened to this to and from work, it was the perfect way to bump up my book numbers and be productive during times I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise read.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Didn’t get a chance to start this! I really need a kick up the bum when it comes to reading this. Hopefully I’ll get it read in August.


That’s it. Only one challenge fully completed, the read a book with pictures one! Shockingly bad compared to last year but then again last year I wasn’t working and spent a lot of my time reading! I’m still glad I did this, I really liked talking to friends about it and setting myself challenges. I’ll do it again next year and hopefully I’ll be better at juggling a job and reading and won’t be so bloody tired all the time! To be fair, I was up at 5am for my 6am starts!

Sharon, Roisin and Chloe all did the BookTubeAThon and I’ve been so busy that I don’t even know how they all did! (except Sharon who did complete it, with 3 children to be minding too!). Looking forward to seeing how they got on.


  1. I have my post scheduled to go up tomorrow. I completed it but purely because I've been in bed all week with my back- if I was doing my usual 13 hour shifts there'd have been no hope!!

    1. Aww it's great that you completed it but not great way really! Hope you are feeling better

  2. I haven't been making enough time to read at the moment :(

    1. Ya, sometimes you just become too busy you know? I need to try and adjust to new routine with work and make time for reading

  3. You did great Breige, I would never have been able to do it if I was working! I had the kindle propped up in the kitchen and read a chapter here & there during the day when I was doing other stuff or when the lads were asleep. Do you know what though, I haven't touched a book since Sunday, I'm wrecked after it?! I don't think I've ever finished To Kill a Mockingbird! x

    1. Thanks Sharon! But I'm more impressed you did fantastic with those two babas to take care of! That's a full time job in itself!

      Ya, I think you have book fatigue! I need to get back into reading, hopefully I will back home this week. And glad to hear I'm not the only person who hasn't fully read Mockingbird!


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