Thursday, July 17, 2014

TBT Nails with China Glaze Fast Track

This was the one colour that really stood out to me in the Capitol Colors Collection China Glaze did for the first Hunger Games movie. Though to be honest, I loved almost all of them! I tried to get my hands on a dupe from Essence (name escapes me now!) but it was sold out everywhere. Eventually though a friend of mine in America said she had this and sent it on to me. I think it’s so pretty! I think it’s a great colour to wear if you want to wear a nude with a bit of a twist.




  1. Essence Irreplaceable! They aren't exactly the same (I believe fast track is a tad darker). I love this polish! I have the Essence version but it's nearly empty so I'll probably end up getting this as a replacement.

    1. That's it! What an apt name! Yes, I knew they weren't exactly the same but they were similar enough for me to want this one. Still so sad I never got my hands on the Essence one!


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