Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Essence Colour Flash Mascaras

I had hinted at these mascaras back in my post about the Essence Rock Style Hair Dye Powder. I had worn the purple mascara in that post but wanted to wait to put all the pictures together in one post. I have 3 out of 4 of the colours, I’m missing the blue one but I have the purple, red and turquoise ones!


    DSC08726 DSC08730


      DSC08862  DSC08866



        DSC08888  DSC08893



I think the purple is my favourite, followed by the green. The red is definitely for when you want to make a statement, I think it would be great for Halloween too actually. These can also be used in your hair, which is great if you want a flash of colour, however they do make the hair crispy, so it won’t be it’s usual shiny and smooth self! But still fun to do every now and again, I used the green on the bottom of my hair and was really impressed with the results, it has seriously tempted me to dye the bottom of my hair green!

I kept the make up relatively simple to showcase the mascaras but I do have another post planned with different ways and looks to wear coloured mascara, I just have to finish taking photos.

Do you like the look of these? Which colour is your fave? Comment below and let me know!

These products were part of the goodie bag from the Essence UK Launch. All opinions are my own.


  1. the green is very nice, would be interesting to see them paired with some liquid eyeliner, for a more dramatic look!

    1. Thanks! Yes, my second post will have liquid eyeliner looks! I've taken a few pictures but I have a few more planned out as well :) Any particular colour combos?


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