Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throw Back Thursday: Music Singles I Bought

I started this post as just a throw back post to older songs I used to love that I had been listening to lately. But the more songs I ended up picking, the more I realised I was picking songs I bought the singles of! So I added a few more and voila! I had this post.

I’m starting with the first single I ever bought Baby…One More Time by Britney Spears. I had, of course, other music before this, I can think of 4 albums I had on CD (Spice, Spice World, What’s the Story (Morning Glory) and Now 36) but this was the first single I remember buying.


Of course, I was also a big Christina fan. And while I definitely had Genie in a Bottle on single, I picked Come On Over as I heard it recently at work and it’s been stuck in my head. I do find the video funny though, I think it’s the shimmering satin sheets in the background rippling.


I do really like Jennifer Lopez songs as well, they are so catchy. I remember with Love Don’t Cost a Thing, I played it on my cousins’ computer as it a video element to the CD. Oh the technology!


Speaking of those cousins, I remember playing Hero by Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott there when I bought the single. Ya ya, you can mock Nickelback all you want but I still like this song! And I was a massive fan of the Spiderman film it came from.


I still have Overload by Sugababes on CD, packed away in storage. It was, and still is, one of my favourite songs. I must really check out some MKS stuff.


There’s something about Kelly Osbourne that I’ve always loved. Back in the day, I think it’s because her punky style of clothing was very DIY, which I was into at the time, and I always wanted to be daring enough to pull it off! I bought the Papa Don’t Preach single when it was out, I really like the rocky edge to it.


Lastly I’ve been listening to Coldplay a bit recently, specifically the Rush of Blood to the Head album. I bought Clocks as a single, it’s just so beautiful and I still love it. I spoke about it a bit here in this post years ago.

That was fun! I think I’m going to do a post like this again in the future.Have any older songs that remind you of your childhood been stuck in your head recently? I’d love to hear which ones they are!


  1. I had the Baby One More Time single on TAPE! I got Sometimes on CD single. I got my first CD player the year I broke my ankle, I know the first album I got on CD was Five - but I remember writing a list for my Mam to bring to the music shop, I got Steps One For Sorrow and All Saints Booty Call!! I have the Chad Kroeger one and the Kelly Osborne one somewhere still. There's a press full of CDs in the sitting room that I never, ever listen to anymore :(

    1. I can always count of you to love these nostalgia posts! ;) I am gutted I gave my Steps CD away to my cousin years ago!! And I'm pretty certain I still have the Chad Kroeger and Kelly Osbourne CDs packed away somewhere. Bust out your CDs one day and have a CD party!

  2. Wow - these definitely brought back some memories. I loved all of these.

    1. Music's great for bringing you back down memory lane!


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