Sunday, August 3, 2014

July Recap

I meant to have this out yesterday but I flew back to Manchester from Ireland in the morning and was just too shattered to write a post.

Celebrating- A number of things really! I started a job in July, I went back home for my cousin’s wedding and it was also my mother’s 50th birthday.

IMG_3067     wedding  IMG_3089

The beautiful indoor marquee style reception; The only full length picture of my outfit! (ignore upside belt!); close up of vintage inspired hair, make up and nails


Crafting- Knitting loads of squares! They were for knitting club, who were using them for an animal shelter fundraiser. I took the chance to practice new stitches and designs, sad I didn’t take a picture of my results! Also had to alter the dress from above as the shoulders were too big. Was pretty happy with the results, even if it was a little wonky (yay for long hair hiding all dress sins!). I did however leave the hem for the experts to alter.


Playing- QuizUp! Yes, I know I mentioned it last month but when I was home at Ireland, nearly all my siblings got the app and we all played each other. Other than that, I haven’t really had a chance to play many games as I’ve been so tired and busy with work.


Cooking- Fried rice. I’ve made it several times this month, partly thanks to watching this video on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube by The Dumpling Sisters. I’ve made fried rice several times before but thanks to the video I made a super bumped up version for myself and my boyfriend. Though the other times have been simple enough, quicker versions.



Swimming- In the rain! Just swimming in the rain! I had waited all week back home for the weather to pick up a bit so I could go swimming in the sea but by Friday morning it became clear that wasn’t going to happen so I decided ‘sod it, let’s going swimming in the rain! Sure I’ll be getting wet anyway!’. Really glad I did, sad I won’t get any more chances to go swimming back home though.



Eating- Taytos! Kimberley biscuits! Irish fry! Club Lemon! HOT CHICKEN ROLLS! Yes, all those finer Irish delicacies. And a lovely ice cream one night on the prom back home, looking over the sea.



Listening- Of the more recent releases, I’ve been listening to Pharrell’s Marilyn Monroe. I wasn’t sure about it when it first came out but I slowed warmed to it. Managed to delete all my iTunes library like the fool that I am so while trying to recover songs and build back up my library, I’ve been listening to songs I’ve added along the way. Might make a separate post for that.


Reading- Not a lot really, as shown by my July Reading post. I did also participate (and not complete) BookTubeAThon, which you can read about here.


Laughing- At this GIF my brother showed me! Even thinking about it makes me want to start giggling.


Socializing- So on top of my usual knitting club antics, I also went out with 2 of the girls from the group one Friday, first time going out here at night! Nothing too late though. Also went to a blogging workshop with Pearls and Polo Girl, hosted by Kate Feld, which was very interesting. I went to Liverpool, where I saw Rainbow Rowell in person (post here) and also got to meet up with the very lovely Beth from Plastic Rosaries. And of course there was meeting all my friends and family back home in Ireland, which was lovely. Skype is great and all but it doesn’t beat being face to face with those people!

And that’s it! A fantastic month I must say, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to this month too, lots of fun things coming up. It feels good to have things to look forward to!


  1. You look so happy in the swimming in the rain photo!! And YES to all the Irish foods! God I'd love a hot chicken roll right about now...

    1. Thank you! It was cold but I was pretty happy. Yes, I was having cravings for hot chicken rolls and they don't do them over here!

  2. I'm now laughing like a loon at that GIF. :)

    You look great in the swimming in the rain pic.

    1. Paula, all I have to do is think of that GIF and I start giggling!

      And thank you!

  3. I haven't heard of the quizup app. Definitely going to look in to that :)

    1. Omg Dannii, DO! And I'll send you my username on Twitter! (can you tell how excited I am?)


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