Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Recently Reading (Magazine Edition)

As there was no September Reads post this most (I only read two books and I did full review posts for both), I’ve decided to do a post on what magazines I’ve picked up recently!

Disclaimer: I’m the biggest magazine addict ever. I started buying Smash Hits!, followed then by all the big teen magazines like Sugar, Shout, Mizz, Big, J17, Elle Girl UK. While I lived in a small rural area in the west of Ireland, I sometimes managed to get my hands on some US imports like Elle Girl, Seventeen and Teen Vogue. I’d pick up the adult versions of Elle and Vogue every now and again, as well as Empire magazine. Once I got a bit older, I moved onto Glamour, More!, Company, Prudence, U, Stellar and the usual weeklies like Now, heat, Closer, whatever I could really get my hands on. I had to stop buying magazines because it was getting out of hand and I was finding myself getting bored with them. These days, I tend to buy mainly food magazines like Good Food and Delicious, occasionally getting the odd magazine listed above.


Here’s the haul in all it’s glory. From left to right we have Delicious, BBC Good Food, Vintage Life, Bust and Allure.


First off the foodie mags. This time of the year is my FAVOURITE time to pick up a food magazine. I love the seasonal foods, there’s always a lovely comfort food theme going through the magazine and sometimes there’s great Halloween inspiration!

vintage life

Vintage Life is relatively new to me. I can’t remember when I first picked up a copy, possibly 2011 on this trip to London? I vaguely remember finding it in WH Smiths. Since then, before I moved to the UK, I used to pick it up whenever I was over visiting friends and family. I must make more of an effort to pick this up as I love it, it’s refreshing to have a different viewpoint from a magazine. I wouldn’t say I was an expert in vintage lifestyle, I’m merely interested in it and interested in learning more, so you can enjoy it too if you’re like me. There’s a nice mix of fashion, beauty, home, DIY and other things in here too.

american mags

Finally, my two Selfridges purchases from my day trip to London last week (more on that soon). I’ve read Allure a few times over the years. It does have a lot of ads which are annoying but some of the features have been great over the years. They once did this one makeup look on Princesses and Villains which I loved, the soft dreamy makeup for the good girls and the vampy strong make up the villians (who always look more glamorous to me!). This is my first time picking up Bust though and I’m very excited! I’ve read articles before online and heard references here and there, so I’m glad I got my hands on it!

That’s it for now. What are your favourite magazines to read and why? Let me know in the comments below!

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