Saturday, May 9, 2015

Darkness Into Light 2015 #BEDM


So last year for BEDM I did a post for Darkness Into Light 2014. In case you don’t know what Darkness Into Light (DIL) is, it’s a 5km walk that starts at 4am in the dark and by the time you finish, the sun is rising and it’s beginning to get light. The walk is in aid of Pieta House, who raise awareness about self-harm and suicide and provide services for those that need it.


Last year I did the walk in London with my brother and this year, my fourth year walking it, I was joined again by my brother and my boyfriend. We did the walk in Manchester ,starting at the Irish World Heritage Centre. It was the first time the walk had many international locations besides London and Sydney (which happened for the first time last year). The Irish communities in England, Scotland, USA, Canada and Australia came together to do the walk and raise awareness.  Overall, this is the seventh Darkness Into Light Walk and there’s no sign of it stopping!

                       IMG_4590 IMG_4588

At the beginning of the walk with my boyfriend

As I’ve said before, mental health awareness is so important. There needs to be more acceptance so people can feel like they can talk. If you had something physically wrong with you, say a sore foot, there’s only so much suffering you’d endure before getting it checked out. The same should apply to mental health, don’t feel embarrassed and carry that dark cloud with you for longer than needed. There’s always someone you can talk to. Parent, sibling, partner, friend, family member, teacher, doctor. Don’t suffer alone in silence.


Finish line!

If someone comes to you with problems, then please just listen. Sometimes people need someone to just listen to lighten their load. Don’t dismiss them and tell them ‘Get over it’ or ‘Just lighten up’. If you don’t think you can fully help them, then direct them to services such as Pieta House. You can donate to Pieta House here.

                          IMG_4600 IMG_4598

Banner of Hope; Breakfast!

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