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A-Z Book Tag #BEDM

I spotted this tag the other day when Kate from Bibliophile Book Club posted it. She has links to other blog posts who've also done the tag. And since I'm a sucker for talking about books I thought I'd do the post myself!


Author You've Read the Most Books From

So I checked my Goodreads for this. Not counting children's books, my most read author is Alexander McCall Smith with 21 books. Next was Marian Keyes (11) and J.K. Rowling (10, though if you count her Robert Galbraith books it brings it up to 13!). My most read authors including children's books are Enid Blyton (I've 90 on Goodreads, it's probably more though!), Terry Deary (of Horrible Histories fame, 26 books) and Jacqueline Wilson (21).


Best Sequel Ever

If you count A God in Ruins as a sequel to Life After Life then I'd probably pick that. But seeing as it's not really a sequel but more a sister novel, then I'd either go with The Likeness by Tana French (I enjoyed it much more than In the Woods) or A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab (It did a lot of world building and preparing for the epic showdown to come for the final book in the trilogy, like a lot of other 2nd books do, but it was a great story on it's own and didn't feel 'filler' to me, like most 2nd books in series do!)


Currently Reading

Oh, while I managed to finish 19 books last month, I haven't finished one book so far this month and I'm like an epic juggler. I'm currently reading Gut by Giulia Enders (audio), Chicken With Plums by Marjane Satrapi (graphic novel), and Euphoria by Lily King (for a book club), as well as a slew of others ones that I have 'on hold' for various reasons. I can never read just one book at a time, I often have several on the go.



Drink of Choice While Reading

Usually water, I'm not a tea drinker and if I drink coffee while reading, I usually forget about it and it goes cold or else I'm afraid I'll spill it on my book!


E-Reader or Physical Book

I prefer physical books, I just like having it in my hand. I do like reading e-books too though, I read a lot on there as most of my review copies are e-copies and I like the fact that I always have a book (or several) on me on my phone, in case I ever get stuck waiting somewhere and need something to read.


Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Actually Dated in School

Oh this is a tough one! Possibly Levi from Fangirl. Like Cath, I’m an introvert and Levi seemed sweet.


Glad You Gave This Book a Chance

Watermelon by Marian Keyes, I had always dismissed Marian as 'just' chick lit and reading this book (and the rest in the series) opened up my eyes not to be a snob and introduced me to a family that I loved reading about. Also in terms of reading genres that I don't usually read, I'm super glad I read Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch (I picked it up thinking it was to do with the rivers of London, but it introduced me to urban fantasy) and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (made me realise that sci-fi is something I could enjoy too). Lesson learnt, always give something a go as you might be pleasantly surprised!

walsh family marian keyes


Hidden Gem

sweet as caneI never know what to pick for these kind of topics! Anyway, I   decided to go for a book I’ve read that has under 100 ratings on Goodreads and that’s Sweet As Cane, Salty as Tears by Ken Wheaton. It’s about 50 year old Katherine, a Louisiana native living in New York, who has to go back home after leaving 30 years ago after her siser dies. It’s sort of a coming of age story for someone who’s older, trying to come to terms with the past but figure out the future. I wrote a full review which you can find here.


Important Moment in Reading

Getting back into reading during final year of college. While I definitely reading during college (I even signed up for library when on work placement), it wasn’t until beginning of 2010 that I started paying attention to reading and making goals for myself. Another big moment was starting to blog about what I read, which started as a round up of what I read in January 2013. I don’t know why I didn’t blog about reading before then, I just don’t think it occured to me! Even when I started I didn’t think of myself as a book blogger, it was just a way to document what I had read. And probably using Goodreads too! It’s definitely helped me keep track of what I want to read and look for better recommendations.


Just Finished

The Idiot Brain by Dean Burnett. I showed on my A Day in the Life blog post that I was reading it and said I’d hope to finish by the end of the day and I did!


Kind of Books You Won’t Read

I try not to say I won’t try something, as I have been surprised in the past when I’ve tried sci-fi and fantasy. I’m not a big fan of classics but I won’t rule them out. I don’t really read romance like Mills and Boons and there’s always a section in libraries for just Westerns which baffles me. But that’s not to say in the future I wouldn’t give these a go! Never say never.


Longest Book

According to my Goodreads, the longest book I’ve read is The Likeness by Tana French with 698 pages. If I remember correctly The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber was longer but I never finished it fully. The book that felt the longest however was Tess of d’Ubervilles. The book itself was 508 pages but oh boy did it feel like double the length!


Major Book Hangover

I’d probably go with A God in Ruins, which I read last June. The ending just astounded me! Though in terms of having a big fatigue after reading, I’d say the end of 2013, I managed to get 100 books but I was just nearly over it all by the end! So I’ve learnt not to push myself.

a god in ruins


Number of Book Cases You Own

Just the one sadly. And only because my friend bought and decorated one for me! I can’t even fit all my books on it (I could but then I won some and I’ll need to rejig everything to make it all fit). I can’t wait to have a house of my own, purely for all the book cases I’ll own. Wall to wall, ceiling to floor!


One Book You’ve Read Multiple Times

I reread a lot of books as a child, especially my Enid Blyton and Harry Potter books. I reread The Enchanted Wood for BookTube-A-Thon 2013. The only other book I’ve reread as an adult (that I remember anyway) was The Great Gatsby which I reread May 2013.



Preferred Place to Read

I’ll read anywhere; public transport, in waiting rooms, standing in a long queue in a shop, in someone else’s house while waiting for them to get ready, at the beach, at the dinner table. My preferred place though is in my bed, it’s when I’m most comfortable.


Quote That Inspires

A library in the middle of a community is a cross between an emergency exit, a life raft and a festival. They are cathedrals of the mind; hospitals of the soul; theme parks of the imagination

Caitlin Moran, Moranthology


Reading Regret

Any time I’ve wasted reading a book I hated. Sometimes I will still try power through a book but I’m much more like to just stop. There’s not enough time to read everything I want to read! Also I regret not picking up To Kill a Mockingbird sooner than I did. I only read it last year but I had mentioned in my 2013 Reading Resolutions and it still took me 2 years to get around to it.


Series You Need to Finish

Oh there’s a few! But the big one at the moment is the Lunar Chronicles series. I need to read Winter, it came out in November so hopefully I’ll read it soon. I guess you could say Winter is Coming…!

winter real cover

Three All Time Faves

Only 3?! Not fair! Stiff by Mary Roach, A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson and Harry Potter series (that’s right, I’m cheating!)

                                         Unapologruntgetic Fangirl

I LOVE Mary Roach’s books, they’re really entertaining and great non-fiction books. Even if you don’t ‘do’ non-fiction these are worth a try.

Very Excited For This Release More Than Others

Grunt by Mary Roach (yes, the 3rd answer in a row to mention her!). I mentioned in my 2016 Releases Post that it was the one I was most looking forward to. But since then there’s been other releases announced so I think I need to do another post.


Worst Bookish Habit

Reading too many books at the same time. As well as buying too many books. Both physical and ebooks. I need to try get through the books I own!


X Marks the Spot- Start From Top Left Hand Corner of Book Shelf Until 27th Book

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

the book thief


Your Latest Purchase

A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers. It’s for the Rick O’Shea book club this month.


Zzzz Snatcher Book (the book that kept you up way too late)

Last book to keep me reading and reading was The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson. I didn’t put it down!

the art of being normal

And that’s my A-Z! Thanks again to Kate for bringing it to my attention and if you do the tag too, let me know below so I can check it out!

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