Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Imperial Leather Sweets Shower Creams #BEDM

I love love LOVE sweet things! I have a big sweet tooth, I’ve been told my taste in alcoholic drinks is almost childish and I love sweet perfumes and shower gels. So when I saw this new range of shower creams by Imperial Leather based on sweets I HAD to get them!

imperial leather shower creams shower gels foamy bananas fruit salad fruit chews marshmallows sherbet lemon

I snapped by the Sherbet Lemon, Fruit Salad and Marshmallow ones on offer in Boots (the spearmint one wasn’t there and I probably wouldn’t have gotten it anyway as I’m not a big mint fan). Imperial Leather then brought out the Foamy Bananas one later, a Tesco only exclusive, so I had to wait weeks to get it but it was worth it! Here’s what I think of them.

imperial leather marshmallow shower cream


Comforting Marshmallow- Probably my favourite! It’s sweet but I find it so soft and lovely. It isn’t overly cloying in my opinion but I guess it might depend on what you find too sweet for your own liking. I paired it with Lush Rose Jam one day and it was beautiful! There’s also a bath cream for this but I haven’t seen it in the shops yet.


imperial leather fruit salad shower cream


Mouthwatering Fruit Salad- This is now called Fruit Chews, I’m guessing the makers of Fruit Salad bars had something to say about that (though while I’m talking about them, bring back Apple Jacks!! They were sooo good!). Anyway, this is fruity and delicious. The sweets are raspberry and pineapple and this is what the shower gel smells like to me


imperial leather sherbet lemon shower cream


Uplifting Sherbet Lemon-This is my least favourite. I find lemon shower gels can be hit or miss. Sometimes they are lovely, other times they remind me of Cif. This was more of the latter to me but I haven’t given up on it. I’ll try it again and if I still don’t like it, I’m going to try pair it with something else to see if I can get a good mix.


imperial leather foamy banana shower cream



Foamy Banana- Oh I love this! If you don’t like the smell of fake bananas, then you’ll hate this. But if you lovely banana milkshakes and these sweets, then you’ll love this.




All of these foam really well and I’ve been very impressed with the range so far. And if you’re not a fan of sweet smells, Imperial Leather have so many other scents and ranges that there is bound to be something to suit you. And no, I’m not being paid to say that (nor were these products free, I bought them myself), I just really like them! If you’ve tried these too I’d love to hear your thoughts on them!


  1. I havn't seen the fruit salad ones yet so will have to keep my eyes out for that!

    1. It's nice! Have you tried any of the others?

  2. What did you think of it? I really liked the fruit salad, but the rest are just average! I did win a free marsh mellow bottle at but really didn't like it!

    1. The lemon one was most disappointing for me, it was very much like a bathroom cleaner :/ I do like the Marshmallow one! Sometimes I mix it with Lush Rose Jam shower gel. I like the banana one but I don't think I'd rebuy it. The fruit salad one is nice too! I prob would rebuy that, along with the marshmallow one


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