Friday, April 15, 2011

Signs I’m Getting Old

Despite still being pretty darn young, recently I’ve had several things happen to me that has made me realise I’m getting old! Whether I like it or not. These include:
-Not getting asked for ID when buying alcohol in Tesco. Twice. This being Tesco who are notorious for checking ID, at least they always have been.
-Not wanting to go out on a Friday night and actually looking forward to watching The Late Late.
-Listening the Larry Gogan’s Golden Hour on 2FM and hearing songs from my childhood. I used to hate listening to it as a child, as I never knew any of the songs. Now I know most of them!
-Finding music is too loud when I go out. Especially on a Friday when I’d rather be at home watching The Late Late.
-Catching myself sounding exactly like my mother.
-I walk out of the supermarket and forget where I’ve parked. And then proceed to wander around the car park until I find my car


  1. Great post and withn some of these you could be talking about me so I'm clearly getting older too, hehe.

  2. Hahaha @ the parking lot wandering! :D I know some people who attach something recognizable to their antenna to make it easy to find their car.

  3. I'm totally with least on 4 of the 6 ... I love just being able to sit in on a Friday night with Ryan (Tubridy that is) and have a good old munch as a reward for my hard work that week (ahem).

  4. Glad to know I'm not alone ladies!

    Deb, I used to always laugh at my Mum when she forgot where we were parked. When it happened to me the other day I was mortified!

    Miss Educator, I actually got to sit in and watch The Late Late this Friday for the first time in ages,along with a nice bowl of pasta.It was bliss!


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