Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hello! I’m still alive. I haven’t posted in ages despite really wanting to. I’ve just become so busy in the past few weeks. Since being unemployed since the end of 2009, I’ve finally got a job! Yay! At the moment I’m being trained in and if they decide to keep me on, I’ll be covering sick days and holidays. It’s not huge but it’s in the area of work I studied for in college and there is a possibility I get more work so I’m excited. I’ve finished 3 weeks out of 4 of training and I like it so far.
I’ve also got my first car! My Mum bought it for me and I’ll be paying her back, instead of getting a loan out, so I’m very lucky in that sense. It’s a Toyota Corolla and I’ve been driving it every day to work. The amount of independence having your own car brings is unreal. I wish I had realised it years ago, so I would have been more focused on getting my license.
The last thing really is that I’ve been sick for the past week, which is when I really wanted to buckle down and get some posts published. It’s always the way! And it’s typical that I start work and get sick, so upset by that but there’s nothing you can do about it!
Oh ya, I just remembered! I went to get my eyes checked a month ago and was told I no longer need glasses! My eyes got better all by themselves! Super eyes


  1. That is so super awesome about your eyesight! :D Mine improved slightly on their own as well, but no where near good enough for me not to wear glasses. And I hope you're feeling better *hugs* and getting as much rest as you can, I was worried when you were talking about meds and things! I'm so glad work is going great too, yaaaay <3

  2. First things first, that is fab news about your eyes. I'm delighted the job is going so well for you and you're enjoying it and congrats on the car. Oh and I hope you feel better soon. *Hugs* hun.

  3. Thank you for your comments! It's great about my eyes but it's still strange adjusting to it not having to wear them. I actually broke my glasses during the week, which I have in my car for when my eyes get tired and I was gutted as I had had them for 6 years!

    And I'm feeling much better now,just tired from constantly being on the go with work! But it's better to be busy like this I think so I'm enjoying it


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