Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things to Do Before You Die


There was an interesting post on Beaut.ie a couple of weeks ago about Ten Things to Do Before You Die. And it got me thinking. Not just about all the things I want to do and places I want to see. But also about the list I made when I was 11/12. I went rooting around my room and sure enough, I found the list! So here it is, all spelling mistakes corrected, all the things I have so far achieved bolded and comments in italics!

1. Learn languages (French, German & Spanish). I’ve bolded French as I studied it in school but it’s certainly rusty!

2. Pass my exams (Junior Cert and Leaving Cert). You can tell I wrote this as a young un as college exams never crossed my mind! But I am pleased to say I passed those too!

3. Travel the world. A work in progress

4. Dye Hair (Normal colour and wild colour). I’ve never had the balls to put a fun colour like blue or purple into my hair, though I really want to try it

5. Get a small tattoo. Not sure if I want to do this still

6. Stay in touch with all my friends. I wrote this list after moving after 5th class. And no, it didn’t happen then to be honest, except for a handful of people.

7. Get a good job. Again, work in progress

8. Bungee jump. I was certainly a more fearless back then, I’m now afraid of heights but it’s something I’d still half consider maybe possibly doing.

9. Parachute. Again, heights. Again, maybe.

10. Zorb

11. Swim with dolphins. Not so keen on this, but I would still do it if I had the chance

12. Learn to drive and pass exam. Not only both of these but I now have my very first car!

13. Try to beat a World Record. Ambitious wasn’t I?!

14. Learn to fly an aeroplane. See the above comment

15. Design clothes and make them

16. Learn to use a sewing machine

17. Stay fit and healthy. Nope, can’t say this one has worked out but it can still be achieved!

18. Go to a concert. My first one being Justin Timberlake!

19. Be in a movie or TV show

20. Scuba dive

21. Go to the Ice Hotel. Still REALLY want to do this one!

22. Have a weird pet. Umm, no thanks!

23. Appear in a magazine

24. Become a vegetarian for a month. Something I often think about doing, just for the experience

25. Learn a martial art. I once won a free karate term, went to one and decided it most definitely wasn’t for me!

26. Go to a health farm/spa. Anyone want to treat me?!

27. Stop biting my nails and grow them. After years of trying, I have succeeded!

28. Go to a yoga course

29. Learn 1st aid. I’ve learnt basic 1st aid in TY, I would love to do a more in depth one though

30. Learn to belly dance

31. Adopt an animal. I think I meant more sponsor an animal, like in a zoo, but now if I was going to get a pet, I think I would adopt one from an animal shelter

32. Kiss the Blarney Stone. I’d forgotten this was on the list! I did it earlier this year on 2nd January

33. Learn to ski. Nowhere close to learning!

34. Go on a rollercoaster

It’s funny how your ambitions and goals change as you get older. Looking at this list, I see I was definitely more ambitious and more confident in myself. And a bit in vague (like travel the world, I only mentioned one place I specifically wanted to go to and that was the bloody Blarney Stone!).

I say my list has changed considerably. There’s still things on here I would like to do, but I know there’s so much more I want to do and more importantly, so much more I want to see in the world. I think I’ll make an updated list some time soon and post it here!


  1. I love this post.

    I wrote a list like that when I was 11/12 too but I've no idea where they are now. I'd love to know what I wrote but the chances of me finding it are slim I reckon.

  2. Thank you!

    I hope you can find your list, it's really interesting. I'm going to write an updated one soon and then maybe look at it again in 10 years and see what I've achieved and I've changed

  3. Aww, Breige, I love your list. Even if some of those things were overly ambitious, it's liberating being fearless on paper! I completely agree with changing goals and changing aspirations. I'm not even the same girl I was when I was 20, much less when I was a teen! I read some of the stuff I wrote when I was 12 and good god, I had a lot of sass, haha!

  4. Great post :) I wish I'd done something like this when I was in school too, it's great to be able to look back over stuff like that :) Now, on to pressing matters, what is a Zorb? or is it a verb? to zorb or not to zorb? hhee

  5. Thank you Deb and Karen!

    Deb, you're right, it is liberating being fearlesss! I need to update my list, it'll be funny to see in 10 years time!

    Karen, sorry for not getting back to you til now! Zorbing is when you get into this giant plastic bubble/ball yoke and go rolling down a hill! Google Image it and you'll see! :)


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