Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Year’s Resolution Update!

So I haven’t forgotten about this, I’m still working on my resolutions for the year. I thought I’d do an update to show my progress!
1. Cook 12 savoury/dinner dishes
Two dishes so far, the Asian Chicken Noodle Broth and a fish pie. Which I was told was nice, I wouldn’t know seeing as I don’t like fish!
2. Make 12 new sweet dishes
Two things made, chocolate mousse and green velvet cupcakes. Again, I’m slacking loads in this but I know I’ll complete it. There was also the Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes with White Chocolate icing but I don’t count that really.
3. Read 25 books
I have completed 8 so far and also have at least another 5 started. I have a habit of chopping and changing books. I might make a separate thread for this with the books I’ve read.
4. Watch 50 films I’ve never seen before
I’ve seen 10 so far, including 3 trips to the cinema, two DVDs rented from the library and 1 documentary.
5. Eat more fruit and veg
Erm, I had forgotten about this one to be honest! Oh dear…
6. Lose weight and exercise more
I started off really well with this one, I lost a good amount of weight in January but this I slipped and put most of it back on. I need to focus more on this one!
7. Write more on the blog
8. Get a job
The other thing I spoke about was learning a new skill, but I hadn’t decided what. Well, after that I did a sewing class! Borrowed my Mum’s sewing machine (which I think is as old as I am) and finally learnt how to use it. I’ve been wanting to learn for years and years now so it was great. I need to keep up with it though, I’m going to look at Craftster and see if there’s any simple projects I can make.


  1. Apart from read 50 books this year I can't remember what my other (if any) New Year's Resolutions were, oops. And I've forgotten to keep count of the number of books I've read so far, so double oops. You are doing so much better at your resolutions than I am.

  2. Breige, you're doing awesome with your new year's resolutions! Most people who make them have trouble keeping ONE, much less 8! You are doing fab and I'm proud of you! I'm totally interested in knowing what books and movies you've seen :)

  3. You are doing so AWESOME with your resolutions, especially since its only April!! Keep up the awesome work Breige :)

  4. Haha,thank you ladies! I usually never do New Year's Resolutions, it no fun to stop doing something or try and change something. It is however so much more interesting when you're trying to achieve things you like doing and bettering your skills. At least I think it is!

    And thank you Deb, I might do another post soon with books and films! I've fallen behind a lot with those, but there's still plenty of time!


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