Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions!

So until last year, I never really ‘did’ New Year’s Resolutions. I thought they were lame. Why promise to change something just at the being of the year? Why not make resolutions throughout the year, try better yourself all the time? I used to bite my fingernails and one day just decided to stop. And it worked. I think if I had made it a resolution though, I would have failed.

I don’t know what changed last year, but I decided to make some resolutions. I supposed I needed some focus, something to work towards. And that’s important more this year than ever before. I suppose they were more goals that resolutions, I was trying to achieve something instead of just change something. These are the ones I did manage to achieve:

1. Cook 12 new meal dishes

2. Make 12 new dessert dishes

3. Watch 50 films I’ve never seen before

4. Start a blog!

The other stuff I didn’t get around to completing, like read 50 books (I got as far as finishing 14, plus starting another 10. I like to have several books on the go), my weight loss goal (though I gave it a good try) and visit 3 new countries (money restrictions prevented this unfortunately, otherwise I would have).

For this year, I think I’ll stick to similar enough goals, but I might modify them a bit. So here they are!

1. Cook 12 new savoury/dinner dishes

2. Make 12 new sweet dishes

3. Read 25 books

4. Watch 50 films I’ve never seen before

5. Eat more fruit and veg

6. Lose weight and exercise more (I do have a more specific goal than this, but I don’t want to talk about it just yet)

7. Write more on the blog

8. Get a job

I also want to learn a new skill, I haven’t decided what yet but I might start that a few months later, I don’t want to load too much on at one time.

Hope 2011 and is going well for all of you so far. What are your resolutions? Do you make them? Do you stick to them? Let me know!


  1. Oh these are lovely new year's resolutions may have to steal, um I mean borrow some of these when I get a chance to sit down and come up with some of my own!

  2. LOL, mine is to use up more of my scrapbooking stash! :D That, and to just enjoy life. Learn more, love more :)

  3. Nailish Ramblings, Aww, thanks, I like the idea of working towards a goal instead of trying to change something, it just makes me sense and will be easier to stick to. Will you be making a post when you do get a chance to sit down and think of yours?

    Deb,now that you mentioned it, I always want to use up my beauty stash! Though I did just go to Lush a few days ago! For, erm, stocking up purposes!

  4. I could totally stand to use up a bunch of my bath and beauty things too! I don't have a lot of money to spend, so at least I won't be adding much to the stash, lol.

  5. Ya, I have a terrible habit of reading about something new and wanting to try it. Luckily I've never bought ultra expensive stuff, I tend to stick to high street/drugstore brands. Still, it means have a dozens have half used bottles of shampoo and stuff in my cupboards that I do like but forget about as something new comes along and becomes the flavour of the month!


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