Friday, January 7, 2011

Favourite Songs of 2010: Part 2


I was going to originally have all the songs in one post but as I went through them, I kept remembering more and more! I probably have enough to make a third part to this but we’ll see how it goes!

X Factor has influence on people whether they like to admit it or not! Adele’s Make You Feel My Love was actually released in 2008 but the first time I heard it was when it was used as a song choice during the knock out stages in X Factor. It’s popularity on X Factor caused the song to re-enter into the charts, which I’m glad it did, otherwise I might never have heard this beautiful version of the song (which was originally a Bob Dylan song fact lovers!).


While on the subject of X Factor, the next song was featured on there too. Diva Fever covered Barbra Streisand, but 24 hours previously I had just heard the Duck Sauce version. And it was stuck in my head. After X Factor it was everywhere and permanently stuck in my head. Duck Sauce is a collaboration between DJs Armand Van Halen (who I have heard of, most recently due to Bonkers with Dizzee Rascal) and A-Trak (who I had never heard of, but he’s worked with, amongst others, Kanye West). Still a catchy tune!


Another person who was all over the place this year was Katy Perry. In 2010 she released California Gurls, Teenage Dream and Firework, all songs that have been popular and relatively catchy. My favourite was probably California Gurls, mainly because I enjoyed all the spoofs on YouTube about it. That and the awesome suit Snoop Dogg wears in the video. I want one.


Dance crazed of 2010 was whipping your hair. To Willow Smith’s aptly named Whip My Hair. There’s been a lot of comments on this song but you have to admit she has star quality for a 9/10 year old! And a mature quality to her voice, a lot of people thought it was Rihanna. I hope she does well in the future. Also, seeing as I’m all about the spoofs these days, there’s an awesome Sesame Street and Willow mash up, check it out here.


Scream by Kelis is the first Kelis song. I’ve loved Kelis since her first song Caught Out There and bought her album Tasty after hearing Milkshake just once. I was flicking through the music channels once day when I saw Scream come on and then forgot about it! Not because it’s a bad song but because I got carried away by the rest of the day and just forgot. When I finally remembered and looked it up, I listened on repeat. The music is produced by David Guetta, which usually means I like it! And there’s something about the lyrics during the quiet piano part that just speaks to me. There’s two versions of the video. Both are actually the same, the second was made to work with old school blue and red 3D glasses, something I can't wait to watch once I get my hand on a pair of them!

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