Saturday, January 8, 2011

Favourite Songs of 2010: Part 3


So I did decide to split it into 3 parts. Just because Part 2 was getting pretty long.

These last 5 songs were ones I only started getting into around November and December. Despite all but one being released before December!

Kelis’ Acapella was actually released in February! But I hadn’t heard it until after I heard Scream and went looking for other recent songs by her. It’s a song all about how her life was in acapella until she had her son and he became the music of her life. It’s a beautiful song lyrically; musically it manages to be soft but electric and makes you want to dance. Next time I get a chance I’m going to buy her album!


Rihanna’s another artist, along with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, who seemed to be all over the place 2010. Rude Boy was a catchy song but I never fully warmed to it. But I loved Only Girl in the World more, which although it didn’t feature on my radar til mid December, was actually released in September. I love when the chorus kicks in, makes me want to sing it out loud!


To further prove I’ve been living under a rock for half of this year, Taio Cruz’s Dynamite only gained my attention in December, despite being released in July! And the main reason I heard it was because my 12 year old brother was going around singing it constantly. And I was pretty excited as I thought the lyrics were ‘I throw my hands up in the air sometimes/Singing Ayo, Galileo’. And I thought ‘Wow, I can’t believe someone is singing about the Father of Modern Day Science, how cool!’. Unfortunately, when I listened to the real version of the song, the lyrics are ‘Singing Ayo, Gotta let go’. And this story just goes to prove how nerdy I can be. I still sing it my way though.


Imelda May is one of my favourite acts. I love her rockabilly sound and the amazing retro clothes she wears. I bought her first album Love Tattoo in 2009 and played it loads. My mother also stole it off me and played it on repeat. I won a pair of tickets to see her live that year and never got a chance to go and I kick my for not going as she would have been amazing. 2010 was a great year for Imelda, she played at the Grammys, which is a fantastic achievement and released her third album, Mayhem. Which is also the name of the second single released off it. It’s toe tappingly good, up there with Johnny Got A Boom Boom.


The last song was released at the beginning of December and still is a big song here in Ireland. Horse Outside is a song about the merits of having a horse over a car, sang by The Rubberbandits. The video, which is a fantastic parody of certain Irish life, is half the fun of the song in my opinion, but it came on while ice skating a few days ago and everyone was shouting the ‘I’ve a horse outside’ part to the song. I have yet to be a club when it’s played but I can only imagine how popular it is there. The video and song can be a bit crude, so watch on your own accord! The song has garnered a lot of controversy, due to it’s bad language, how it portrays Limerick City in a bad light and the drug references. Personally I don’t see why people are taking it so seriously, it’s clearly a joke, as outlined by The Rubberbandits on The Joe Duffy Show (radio show for people to whiny about the most mundane of things).


  1. Ooo, I love Rihanna's "Only Girl in the World" too! And not long ago (maybe 2 months ago?), when I was on the bus heading to school, there was this teeny tot, seriously no older than 4 years old, who was singing Taio Cruz's "Dynamite" word for word. I was majorly impressed! lol :D

  2. I love all those songs, Dynamite is the best getting ready to go out song!

  3. Deb, that 4 year old can obviously sing it better than me seeing as I sing the lyrics wrong!

    Scarie, Dynamite is a great song! Great to bop along to


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