Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions

It's that time of year again, the time where we pledge to change something. I posted last year what my resolutions were, so before I go on to post this year’s, let’s take a look at how I did with last year.

1. Cook 12 new savoury/dinner dishes

Well, I made 8 new dishes, I just wasn’t motivated last year, mainly as I was still leaving at home and cooking for my family.

2. Make 12 new sweet dishes

I got 9, which is surprising as I love baking. I’ll definitely make up for it this year though!

3. Read 25 books

2010 I pledged 50 books and failed epically, so I went for a lower target in 2011. And read 31 books overall!

4. Watch 50 films I’ve never seen before

Got to 36. Again, I wasn’t hugely motivated but I’ll give it a go this year.

5. Eat more fruit and veg

Yes and no. My veg intake is better but I’m just not a huge fan of fruit. I want to like it more though.

6. Lose weight and exercise more


7. Write more on the blog

Ya, didn’t do so great really but hopefully I can improve this year.

8. Get a job

I got two in fact but as of 31st Dec, I’m unemployed again. So this is another one.

I also listed that I wanted to learn a new skill and in April’s update last year, I revealed I was learning how to sew. I’m still working on that but I want to learn another skill this year.

My resolutions for 2011 will be much the same. They are

1. Be more healthy and exercise more (I really need to lose weight too but I think if I concentrate more on being healthy instead of obsessing over losing weight, I’ll succeed better)

2. Get a job

3. Cook 12 new savoury/dinner dishes

4. Make 12 new sweet dishes

5. Finish reading all the books I’ve started (There’s about 20-30 of them).

6. Watch 50 films I’ve never seen (while completing the A-Z list I started last year)

7. Learn a new skill (as of yet I have not decided)

I’d also like to travel more but realize this will probably have to wait a bit longer (or unless I win the lotto). And I want to be a bit more organized and more frugal too.

So wish me luck! What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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