Monday, June 17, 2013

My Frills Wishlist

So Frillseeker launched last Friday. What is Frillseeker you ask? Well, it’s the brainchild of Kirstie McDermott (co-founder of a, a site for ‘Accessories, lipstick and really brilliant cushions’. For the little frills in your life that bring you big thrills. Everyone has those little (and big) things that brighten up their life. For me, I love nail polishes, blushers, mascaras, mugs, pretty cushions, bird prints and some 50s glam. In honour of Frillseeker launching, I’ve decided to put together a list of some frills I’ve been lusting after. Do I really need them? No. But would my life be more pretty with them in it? You betcha!

kate spade iphone case

Up first is something flamingo, which if you read my last post you’d know I love me some flamingos! I’ve been lusting after this Kate Spade flamingo iPhone case for a while, it’s soooo pretty! I love loads of Kate Spade things, they are super cute.

vendula bag

Speaking of super cute, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vendula London bags. I have a bag, wallet and two iPhone cases and I always get compliments on my bag (I have the crossbody bag version of this print). I’ve been wanting this one for ages, I love the print and the size of the bag. Drool!

tatty devine fox brooch                          tatty devine willow

One thing I’ve lusted after for years is Tatty Devine jewellery, ever since seeing it featured in Elle Girl UK magazine as a teenager. I’m not a huge jewellery wearer but there’s something about this jewellery that stands out. I love these two pieces (fox brooch and Willow necklace), I think they are cute but not too loud (I know Kirstie is a massive fan of Tatty Devine statement necklaces, something I don’t think I’d be able to pull off!)

          asos cat eye sunglasses                          nasty gal pink sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of my favourite frills and at the moment I have a big thing about cat eye sunglasses. The first pair are from ASOS, classic black that go with everything. The second pair are Kitty Shades from Nasty Gal, I love the bold, bright pink!

alice in wonderland brooch                 fabric bound alice in wonderland

While I’m not a massive fan of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll (I’ve never read it!), I just adore this brooch by House of Ismay on Etsy. While this one is no longer available, she has loads of different pieces made with real pages of books, such a unique idea. And this book available from Plastic Land, look how pretty it is!! I’d be afraid that if I owned it, I’d stare at the cover instead of reading it!

   credit card                   ps mac man necklace

Sticking with books and Etsy, if I had this pin by Bean Forest, I would wear it as a badge of honour. I think if I was given a chance at a spree in a clothes shop or a book shop, I’d hands down pick a book shop! And this Ms Pac Man necklace from Kittnen is so cute, I love me some nerdy gamer chic!

      macaron lipbalm              gillian kyle tunnocks coasters

On to some sweet treats now, these lipbalms by Korean brand It’s Skin are just to die for. TO DIE FOR! They look like macaroons!! They make me squeal with delight! And on the right we have some Tunnocks Teacake coasters by Gillian Kyle. I’ve wanted this print for a while, she has all sorts on her website featuring this print, from cushions to bags to t-shirts.

ireland cushion          life is better with friends

Last but certainly not least are these little home decor pieces. On the left is a cushion featuring an old map of Ireland, from the Etsy site My Bearded Pigeon. There’s loads of other map prints, perfect for cartography nerds. And finally this little wall art from Etsy store Monkeymindesign is just adorable and reminds me that I need to get some wall art for my house.

I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you! There’s loads more over on my Pinterest board.  I might do another post later in the week for my favourite personal frills, things I own that I love. However until then, pop over to Frillseeker to see all the latest new fashion and beauty frills and much, much more.


  1. Loved this post so much. I want it all! Fantastic selection of really deadly stuff.

    1. I think the internet would have exploded if I had featured everything I currently desire! Nail varnish alone is insane! My box of nail varishes is bursting at the seams!

  2. Replies
    1. they are just too cool for school right?! Badass

  3. Right, so basically I need all of these items- especially that Flamingo phone cover, the bird print and the teacake coasters! Fantastic finds! x

    1. I REALLY need to stop looking at the phone cover and just BUY IT ALREADY! It's one of those things that you think 'hmm,I'll leave it, it's a bit too expensive' but yet you keep coming back to it and you know that despite the price it would be worth having in your life!

  4. those bags are ADORABLE! how roomy do you find the across the body bags? how large are they?

    thanks for commenting my blog, yours is so pretty! :)

    1. Hey Donna! I love those bags SO much! I got my across the body bag in Camden Market actually, there's a stall in the stables that sells them. They're roomy enough actually, I comfortably fit in my phone, purse, makeup, keys, sunglasses and other bits and pieces just find, often with room to cram extra things on top!

      And thank YOU for commenting here, I'm looking forward to seeing more posts on your blog! :) Don't be a stranger!


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