Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Things that Kids Won’t Know

Call cards

call cards

Or even phone boxes in general! I don’t think I ever got to own call cards myself, however I used to love seeing as the new ones that came out, with bands and films on it. So what do you do if you stacks of these at home? Well, you could do what my boyfriend’s brother did, which was arrange them into a frame and make it into art!

Dialling tones to Internet

Imagine having to sit through this bloody thing while waiting for the internet to connect?! Seems like an alien concept these days (while the tone itself sounds like aliens). Though, upon searching for this video, I came across this dubstep remix of the tone. So maybe kids these days do know this tone!

Using a pencil to wind a cassette tape


Oh the humanity of it all! In case you’ve forgotten about this yourself, here’s a handy article on WikiHow on How To Manually Rewind a Cassette Tape.



Speaking of cassettes, what about Walkman? I’m sure they don’t even remember Discman (oh, the conundrum of trying to walk and listen to one of these!). Though all this talk of cassettes reminds me of when this happened to me


Blowing into a Nintendo game to get it to work

tech duck

Ah yes, we all knew how to fix a Super Nintendo that was buggy. None of us remember where we heard this advice though. And it turns out it actually BAD for the cartridges as it blows in moisture and can damage it! I’m shaking my head at 9 year old me for doing this.

This sound

Ah, the sweet, sweet sound of the PlayStation 1 starting up! About 2 years ago I managed to snag a PS1 in a charity shop along with controllers and some games for 10 Euro! There’s so many more games I want to get though that I’m missing (Spyro Games and Crash Team Racing come to mind!). Must start looking on eBay really. I envy people who kept their PS1 games (and their SNES! I really really want one!)

Floppy disks

floppy disks

Floppy disks eh? I remember using them in TY to save documents, 8-9 years ago. Though to be fair, they were ‘going out of fashion’ then, for our Coca-Cola Futuristic Fashion entry, we used the plastic shells as armoury.

Den TV

the den

Zig and Zag! Dustin! Ray D’Arcy fighting with Ted! Podge and Rodge and their evil antics around Halloween! And let’s not forget the programmes. Bosco, Echo Island, Draw With Don, The Disney Club. TV just isn’t as good these days.

Prizes in Cereal


Seriously, these are either non-existent these days or just plain shite. Ah, the fights to be the one who got the prize! More pictures here at The Daily Edge.

I could go on and on and on but I won’t. What would you add to this list?


  1. This post has brought me right back hahaha,I remember me and my brothers and sister killing eachother for the cereal prize

    1. Oh, I know! We used to squabble all the time over cereal toys! And there was 7 of us!

  2. Having to rewind films before bringing them back to the rental shop.

    1. YES! I forgot all about that. 'Be Kind, Rewind'

  3. Listen Bosco is in Cork Zoo at the end of this month and we're both 29 and we're going down to see him, we'll never grow up!

    1. NO WAY! Had I known that I probably would have arranged to go with himself to see Bosco!

  4. I love this post!!! I wanna be a smallie again :)

    1. I know, you really don't appreciate it until it's over right?!

  5. I remember opening the cereal in the back of the car in case my sister would get the toy when we came home! Ahh floppy disks, jesus. I really want a Nintendo 64! I have a couple of PS1 games around somewhere, I'll have a look & see if there are any you want x

    1. ooh, we were never that crafty, never thought of opening it in the car! Ya, my boyfriend wants a N64 as well, I don't think I ever played on one though! Oh that would be amazing, thank you!


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