Wednesday, June 26, 2013 Suing Pharrell For Using The Phrase ‘I Am’

I don’t often talk about celebrity issues here, in fact I don’t think I ever have. I don’t want to be another blog OMGing and WTFing over, say, North West and how it’s a ridiculous name. But this article on ShortList earlier caught my eye and I’ve been thinking about it all day.

Singer and The Voice UK judge is apparently suing artist Pharrell because he’s used the words ‘I’ and ‘Am’ next to each other. Seriously. It’s all because Pharrell has a company called ‘i am OTHER’, which amongst other things, has a YouTube channel (which has the hilarious Awkward Black Girl series, though that’s a whole different post). (real name William James Adams, such a normal name right? I think I’m going to call him by that) believes that the fact Pharrell is to use the phrase ‘i am’ as a logo for products will have the following effect. "The registration of the mark . . . is likely to dilute the I AM mark and the WILL.I.AM mark".

What?! Does Mr Adams really believe that people are going to think the above? Look, I get it, is a very clever thing for someone called William to do, hahaha. I like the fact he’s even made it his website, it works especially well on the likes of Twitter, where typing automatically hyperlinks the website. But he doesn’t own the phrase I Am. What is he going to do? Sue Eimear Quinn for her song ‘I Am the Voice’ (surely people who hear the phrases ‘I Am’ and ‘The Voice’ only thing of Sue Chesney Hawkins for his song ‘The One And Only’ because he believes that only he should have the right to sing ‘I Am the One and Only’? Because honestly I think Simon Amstell did it better.

Or maybe he’ll try sue the pet food company Iams and take it over for himself?

will.i.ams cat with head

(look, I’m not great at this stuff but you get the idea!). I just find the idea of celebrities getting their knickers in a twist over catchphrases laughable. Take Paris Hilton when she trademarked ‘That’s Hot’ and then sued Hallmark for using it in a card. I suppose it was a clever move by Hilton but not like she needed the money! Or maybe she did, it’s not like I know these things.

Anyway, I am firmly team Pharrell on this case. He looks amazing for 40 years old, I love his music and the music he’s produced, I touched him once at a concert (just on the hand! Get your mind out of the gutter) and he doesn’t have a ridiculous square missing out of the corner of his hair like Mr Adams. Hey, maybe that’s the next thing can trademark, his hair do! And finally, to bid you adieu I leave you with one of my favourite songs that contain I Am. Peaceout!


  1. Ahhh I laughed so much at the cat food! is a bit of an eejit, all he's done here is give more publicity to Pharrell - maybe it's all a big joint publicity stunt :)

    1. I really want to see the cat food ad for reals! Ya, he's a bit of an eejit, he's done some silly things over the years. And maybe it is a joint publicity stunt!! I can't believe my inner cynic didn't think of that?!


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