Friday, July 26, 2013

Mini Beauty Haul

I was shopping on Wednesday and picked up a few pieces. I thought it might be fun to share them here!


From the back we have

-Catrice Limited Edition Candy Shock Collection in Vanilla Love (yellow) and Bring Me Peach (peach). There’s pink and blue ones as well which I already had, I just couldn’t get the idea of the ‘full set’ out of my head so I bought these two! Can’t remember the price, but they were under €3 each.

-MUA Nail Polish in Bold Blue. I have several of these polishes but just couldn’t resist add this one! Sure, for €1.39 why wouldn’t you?! (available in Superdrug and online)

-OPI Shatter Collection Polishes in Shatter the Scales (dark forest green) and Super Bass Shatter (rich dark purple). I got these two in Dealz of all places for €1.49 each! They had other colours too but they didn’t interest me that much. All shatter one though. I’m not the biggest fan of shatter but I did like the look of these colours

-NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Party Time Blue. The base for this looks like a dark royal blue but it’s actually a jelly consistency, which was fun to discover! I’ve only swatched it on one finger so far and it took 3 coats to get the look I wanted. It would have been perfect for 4th July! Again, I can’t remember the price but it was under €2.

Front row

-Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rosé. I’ve been dying to get my hands on this for ages, I love raspberry scented things! They also had the Caramel Cream one, which I might try when this runs out as it did smell yummy! (It was under €3)

-2 Konad stamping plates and the Konad Double Side Stamp Set. I popped into a local chemist to get the 2 Catrice polishes and noticed some discounted Konad items. I had spotted them before and with my recent frustrations when trying stamping, I had been thinking of getting the double stamper, so when I saw it was still there I picked it up! Reduced from €5.60 to €2.99. I picked out the 2 plates as they were further reduced from when I last saw them (from €8.40 to €4.20 to finally €2 each). They are m65 (big full nail patterns, I got it mainly for the cool geometric prints) and m12 (Christmas themed. Yes, I know it’s waaaaay too early for that but sure it’s good to be prepared!).

I also bought an essence Nail Polish Remover. I’ve use them quite a bit, I find they do the job well enough and ‘shit, it was 99 cent!’ from Penneys.

Looking forward to doing some looks with these, I’m thinking of some candy striped nails with the Catrice ones for the weekend! Any idea what base colours you’d suggest for the OPI ones? I’d love to hear suggestions.


  1. Aaagh I wish they had non-shattery OPI ones! But I will probably end up buying them anyway. I actually used a purple shatter polish over a baby blue polish a few weeks ago, you could use the purple over the MUA blue! Great deal on the Konad, I also have the raspberry lip butter and it's gorgeous. Lovely haul!

    1. Ya, I wish there was non shattery ones as well, I'm not the biggest fan of shatters, but these colours stood out. There was a load of other ones, as well as Rimmel shatters as well. I actually swatched the purple over the MUA blue once I got home and tried them all! The lip butter is amazing! I've been meaning to do a post about my favourite raspberry scented products, getting this lip butter might just give me the kick I need!


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