Tuesday, July 23, 2013

YouTube Pick of the Week

It’s been too hot to really concentrate on writing blog posts (coupled with being so busy that I completely forgot to mark the blog’s 3rd birthday passing!). But now that there’s a bit of rain, there’s a bit of relief so it’s not too bad. Onwards with some video picks!

I’m not sure where I stand when it comes to these Dove videos. They do have great messages behind them but at the end of the day it’s still advertising right? This one did resonate with me though as in the past year I’ve seen my 12 year old sister change from someone who would instantly smile when a camera was produced to someone who shies away and tries to hide. She does love to take selfies now though! I don’t think it’s as simple as ‘When did you stop thinking you were beautiful?’ but it’s still an interesting and cute video.

So cute and incredibly catchy!

Judging from this, I’m more of the 30s mind set and always have been! But it’s funny nonetheless

This video for this is hilarious, I love Macklemore and how he just has fun in his videos.

You could easily put Russian in the video instead of German! Angry sounding languages

Finally I don’t think I could describe this any better than the video title itself ‘Foxes Jumping on my Trampoline’. Very adorable!

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