Wednesday, November 11, 2015

DIY Projects I Want to Make For Myself #BEDN

Yesterday, for the first time since July, I picked up my knitting needles and started a new project. I have quite a lot of knitting planned as Christmas presents and when I shared my a shot of my Ravelry page in the Unusual Hobbies post, I realised I need to knit for myself too! So because the theme for today's Blog Every Day in November is lists, I've composed a list of some crafts I want to do for me, me, me!


 This jumper is by Jenifer Stark and is free on Ravelry as the Super Birthday Sweater. I bought enough wool in the New Year to knit a jumper out of chunky wool and with one of my Crafting Resolutions this year being knit a proper garment of clothing, this would be perfect! I have some King Cole Galaxy Chunky in Fuschia which is just my type of colour!

Puffin Hat 
So this hat I originally pinned from Etsy and the link no longer brings me to the product nor does it list the user so I can't credit it properly at the moment. I do know it's made in Iceland with Icelandic wool and I just LOVE the puffins on this. I'll have to do up a pattern to make this but it's so cute, I already have all the yarn I need for this.

Mid Century Modern Starburst Glasses

Mid Century Modern style has recently peaked my interest, it's something I want to explore more. These simple starburst glasses from Palm Springs Style is perfect to introduce some Mid Century Modern flair to my house. I want to look into more DIYs from this era too, I feel a new love affair coming on!

Pusheen Plush

I'm a BIG fan of Pusheen and I've wanted to make a plush or cushion for a while. I've even kept a shrunken grey jumper that I plan on using for the body! This video by Lauren Dixon-Paver is so straight forward! Only downside to doing this is busting out sewing machine and replacing broken needle.... 

And that's it! Well, that's not really it, there's loads of other things I want to do but baby steps. It's been a while since I've crafted properly and I don't want to overwhelm myself. As for when I'll get these done, who knows?! After I finish everyone else's Christmas presents I guess. I need to get cracking on those!

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