Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Favourite New Christmas Ads #BEDN

Yes, this is a bit early! But's there's a handful of new Christmas ads that I keep seeing on TV and have been enjoying so I thought I'd share here. I'll probably do a post in the next week or two with ultimate Christmas ads.

Of course the first one to share is a bookish one! This one is for Sainsbury's and features Mog, which is one of my favourite children's book characters.

This ad is the reason I love the new Fleur East song (as I mentioned in this post) because I first heard it watcing this ad. I loved Asda's summer ad too, they just pick great songs to go with their ads. This works as it's so happy and upbeat and is just different to most of the ads around.

So I just shared adverts from supermarkets in UK but here's an Irish one from Supervalu, I love the way they've brought together scenes from all sorts of family and friends. I love the board games, the dancing at the party, weighing the turkey on the scales, the woman not knowing how to use the remotes and the friends ewwing from stuffing the turkey. It's just a lovely feel good ad.

To be honest, this Primark ad was picked mainly for the nostalgic music!

I don't think this ad is particularly memorable but Marks and Spencer's ads are always a fantastic production and I love that there's an upbeat song. And the kids are cute in the ad too!

I love the idea of a Christmas School, when the lady says to the Santas 'you need to get your hos in order' cracks me up! The blackboard of how the fairy lights should and shouldn't be and the dog dressed up!

I haven't seen the John Lewis ad yet! Ya, I know, there's always a massive deal about the John Lewis ad but it hasn't been on TV yet and I'll see it eventually. I'm sure there will be other ads out this year that I'll enjoy too. I'm not in full out Christmas mode at the moment, I enjoy seeing these ads on TV but I haven't started listening to music or watching films. But I do want to go all out festive this year!

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