Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Family #BEDN

I haven't spoken much about my family on here. I spoke about my Dad's cancer coming back in 2012, I touched on my cousin's suicide in this World Suicide Prevention Day post and in this tea party fundraiser post I mentioned the reason I wanted to host one was because my grandmother died from breast cancer. Not exactly the most uplifting stories about my family! I have also done a Facebook Flashback post on my family, which is a few old Facebook statuses I've posted over the years when my family have said or done funny things. which I'm going to do again today.

But first, a small bit on my family. I'm the eldest of 7, I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. The gap between me and the youngest is almost 15 years. This year, the youngest started secondary school which felt really weird! My family plays a lot of badminton and soccer and last Christmas we sat around the kitchen table singing Disney songs while the dinner was being plated up.

Anyway, onwards to the Facebook posts!

My youngest brother is quite witty at times, he'll often fire back something without batting an eyelid. This is one of those occasions and I'm quite impressed he actually thought of saying that.

Apparently malaria wasn't serious enough for my mother!

My brother listed above is second out of 7 and has an old man's taste in music. Frank Sinatra over any latest chart topper. So I was surprised when he requested Destiny's Child!

Ah well, it seems like even one song was too much for him!

My sister Roisin is number 3 in the family. She's small but fierce at times! Which is why her shaking a spoon in my face, talking about spelling, was quite terrifying! It came out of nowhere too, it's not like I had disagreed with her in the first place. Roisin is pretty passionate about stuff like this!

It was hilarious though when my sister though the lyrics to Brimful of Asha was about a 'cream full of rashers'. I don't know how her mind put that together!

This just cracks me up! Nothing like children mispronouncing the name of people and things!

Finally this note was left by my youngest sister, it was quite the note to wake up to! It was for a talk about World War 2 but leaving out the word talk just made the note funny.

If you want to see more of these posts, there's my other family Facebook Flashback post which you can find here


  1. I love looking back on memories and funny family things, that World War one is hilarious! Your family sounds like a lot of fun x

    1. Thanks Sharon x The WW2 one was so funny because I'd just woken up when I read it and it took a second to twig.


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