Friday, January 8, 2016

2015 Reading Stats and Resolutions Review and 2016 Reading Resolutions

I did a Reading Stats post last year which I really enjoyed, I liked seeing how my reading broke down. So I decided to redo it again this year, hopefully I have all my maths right!

Fiction to NonFiction Breakdown


I read more books this year, compared to last, but I also read more fiction books. I dropped my non-fiction reading from 35% of my reading to just under 30%. It’s still not bad but I don’t think I’d like it to drop down further than that for 2016.

Physical Books vs E-Books vs Audio Books


E-books actually DECREASED this year, which surprised me at first but then, considering I was working in a bookshop, it’s not that surprising after all! I’m happy about my increase in audio books, I doubled it compared to last year (4% to 8% of total books).

Female to Male Authors


I know a lot of people who try to read more female authors than male, but it just naturally happens for me! I’ve gone from 60% of my authors being female in 2014 to 65% being female in 2015.

Other fun stats

-29 books came from library (this includes physical, ebooks and audiobooks), a decrease from last year’s 33

-17 were NetGalley reviews! An increase from last year’s 14

-17 were my own books (and some were borrowed but I didn’t count them), which is an increase from last year’s 6, BUT I also bought more books/got them as advanced copies from work so I actually haven’t made a dent in my own books.

And now to look at last year’s Reading Resolutions!

1. Read To Kill a Mockingbird

Hurrah! I won’t have to put it on my 2016 list as I ACTUALLY read it!

2. Read more diversely

I stopped taking this into account. I can’t say I really succeeded and while I probably won’t try and keep track of this really, I am going to try pick up more books by diverse authors, especially ones already on my TBR.

3. Reduce the amount of books I own to read

Hahahahahaha, no. Seriously, didn’t happen, I increased the amount of books I own as mentioned aboved.

4. Read a Russian author

The Russians have scared me, they seem to intimidating so I wanted to tackle this. And I read Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov in November.

5. Listen to more audio books

I wanted to increase the amount of audiobooks I listened to to 6 for 2015 and considering I listened to 7, I think that’s a success!

6. Do a themed reading month

No, didn’t get around to doing that unfortunately. I did start the Fem-tellectual themed months but that site went a bit dead and as there was no real interest coming from there I stopped doing it half way through.

7. Do Popsugar Reading Challenge

When I had posted the challenge, I didn’t know it was from Popsugar until a few weeks later. Needless to say I completed the challenge! Just about. I have a post from a few days ago with my results.

Now usually I have a seperate post for my Reading Resolutions but I don’t really have any this year so I’m going to post them here

2016 Reading Resolutions

1. Do the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge

As much as I enjoyed the Popsugar Challenge, I want a change and I’m going to attempt this one by Book Riot, along with Beth from Plastic Rosaries. If you’re interested in doing the Popsugar one though, here’s the link to their 2016 challenge.

2. Reduce the amount of books I own

Yes, this crops up every year but my friend gave me a bookshelf as a present and once I have all my books out of boxes I’ll be able to browse them better. And this also stands for my ebooks (ones I’ve bought and NetGalley ones as well). I have books that I bought years ago and I’d like to start getting through them. Or donate them if I’m no longer interested.

3. Read 90 Books

I usually set my Goodreads challenge to 50 and up it as I go along in the year. I hit 86 this year so I’m setting it at 90 and seeing how I go from there.

4. Read more Irish authors

Loads of new or at least new to me Irish authors have appeared on the scene and I want to look into them, it’s great to support home grown talent. I might do another Irish reading month, in 2014 I only read Irish authors in month of March so thinking of doing something similar this year.

That’s it really, it might not seem like a lot but the Read Harder challenge has a few that will actually challenge me so it’ll be interesting to do that! I might try and read more from the Rory Gilmore Book Club.

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