Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Resolutions and Things to Look Forward To

2015 was such a mixed year for me, it brought me so much happiness and joy in some areas but it was also so lonely and crippling in other areas. It is over however so Happy New Year everyone! I set resolutions, half follow them and then forget but I’ll try again this year and see what I can do.

Happy New Year

1. Take better care of myself

I want to make myself feel better, mentally and physically. So eating better, light exercise, getting hugs, start flossing my teeth, wearing nicer (*cough* less wrinkled and baggy) clothes. Just taking a bit more pride in myself but not pressuring myself into feeling bad about my appearance. Doing more of the Self Care Pledges.

2. Saying yes more

Pushing my comfort zone a bit more, saying yes when all I want to do is hide under a blanket. What will help me is remembering I can leave the situation if I’m not actually enjoying it or I’ve pushed my comfort zone too much.

3. Saying no more

I take on more than I need to at times as I’m dreadful at saying no. I fall back into the role of 2nd mother when I’m at home and I need to learn that I can say no to things if it’s going to add to my stress and make me feel bad. I can say no because I simply don’t want to do something and not feel bad about it either.

4. Being more crafty

I set a resolutions list for crafting last year but it went out the window, along with so many other things. I have boxes of crafting material and the reason I won’t use it? I’m afraid too! I’m afraid I’ll ruin the beautiful material, I’m afraid my crafts will be crappy (which they properly will to be fair, but I need to learn to enjoy the process). I hope to go join a local knitting club, which will help me be crafty, help me get out more and meet new people too.

5. Not to take things too personally

I get so upset over little things, I’m such an emotional person so that doesn’t help. I need to learn to take things not so personally or less take charge and tackle the person/thing that has made me feel that way.

Things to look forward to this year? My friend’s hen party and her wedding, being able to finally go abroad on holiday (destination not booked yet but looking like it’ll be LA!), my brother turning 18, going to London for the the days leading up to New Year (as my brother got me a ticket to the Harry Potter play for 1st Jan 2017!!). I’m sure there will be lots of other fantastic things, just like there is a lot of uncertainty too, but here’s to trying to be a bit more positive! Hope 2016 is a good year for you too.

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