Saturday, January 16, 2016

Essence Merry Berry I Heart My Golden Pumps

When I saw the press release for Essence’s Winter Limited Edition Merry Berry I immediately wanted this polish. As well as the highlight, which is just gorgeous. I hunted around for a while, found a stand that had sold out of both products but eventually found what I was looking for. I <3 My Golden Pumps is a beautiful gold flakey glitter topper. It’s quite similar to the Rimmel Love Glitter in Mistletoe Mischief, except the Essence polish is just warm gold flakes.




I was going to layer it over black but because I did the Rimmel polish over black I went with navy instead and used NYC in Ink Stain. I used two coats of topper because I wanted a saturated look but you can use one coat too and it’s just as pretty, which is what Cuti-CLUE-les did when she did her post on this polish (and you’ll get it see it over red!). I love this polish, it’s so shiny and really transforms the polish it’s over.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it's a beautiful festive glitter!

  2. It looks amazing!! This Winter Limited Edition is perfect for the winter parties. Thanks for sharing the pictures here. I am going to host a nail art themed holiday party very soon and I think it’s not too late for investing in this Winter Limited Edition for my party. Isn’t it?

    1. If you're lucky you might get your hands on this polish, I think most of the Essence Limited Editions have already changed to the Valentine's one


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