Friday, July 16, 2010

I have a secret....

I'm a serial procrastinator. Ok, so maybe it's not that much of a secret to some people but I'm hoping that by admitting it like this it will help me recover some of my much missed motivation.

I used to be seriously organized and motivated but all shreds of that are long gone. It's gotten so bad that the self confessed magazine queen that I am has bought a few magazines the past month and instead of devouring them in one sitting like I usually would, they are still sitting there half read (though that could be because I'm getting bored of reading the same articles over and over again, that's for another post methinks). I think the saying 'If you want someone to do something for you, ask a busy person' is so true, I have a list of things as long as my arm to complete, some so easy and yet seeing as there is no real urgency to complete them and I haven't got a lot on my plate right now, the list keeps piling up. I need some sort of deadline to put on myself so right here and now, I vow that by this time next week I will have cleared that list.

One of those things on my list is to clean my bedroom. Sounds easy enough but believe you me, it's not. I came home from college and just kinda landed my stuff in my room and that was it. Bags and boxes have become covered with more bags. My wardrobe might as well be completely empty, seeing as the floor has now become the wardrobe (though at least Tim the Clothes Camel feels loved and used). I would take a picture to put up on here but the holy mortifying shame is too much for me to handle. It's strange, I love the rest of the house to be clean and tidy and enjoy doing most household chores but when it comes to my room, that has never been the case. I think that needs to be the main thing on my list, declutter this room. In doing so, I hope that it will help me declutter my mind and kick start that motivation. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!


  1. Decluttering the room? I'll see you Tuesday once its done :p

  2. I said I'd have it done by the end of the week, you could come over Tuesday and help!

  3. LOL, my room is not neat and it drives me crazy as I've pretty much had the same room since I was 13. Which means no storage or organizational system. I do the best I can with what I have, but I'm waiting for the day when I get my own place to really go crazy with a new room :) we have a method to our madness ;)


  4. Deb, I've had the same room since I moved into this house when I was 14 or so too! And mine was never properly finished, my room was the only one not to have carpet when I moved in! My room is always last to get things replaced, bed broke last year and it took ages for my Dad to fix it! A stopper was never put in behind my door so now there is a hole in the wall! My mattress hasn't been replaced ever and I had to move to the opposite end to sleep (I suppose I could have moved the mattress around, makes more sense really!). My blind broke 2 weeks ago, it won't be replaced for ages! Hasn't been repainted. All the other bedrooms have had stuff done to it, only thing I got was a painted desk (which my youngest sister decided to ruin by painting over that!)

    Though unlike you, I have a bit of storage, some cupboards,2 book cases, a desk, some old school lockers Dad got for me and painted, under bed storage and wall storage, open up some doors in my wall and voila some storage space. Except it's filled with childhood books, bags, magazines and 80s prom and bridesmaid dresses!

    Method to the madness, nice one! I like to call it organized chaos. I'd love to see how you'd decorate your house, it would be very cute!

  5. Ugh, you can totally relate then! Nothing about the room is actually wrong or broken (the outlets work fine, my curtains are fine, etc.) but my stuff is just not fit for a 24-year-old. My desk I've had since the 3rd grade and is broken (and is just childish!), my dresser belonged to my mom from she was a girl and is also broken (2 of the drawers don't pull out and close properly), and there is nothing on my walls (like shelving units and stuff) to help with the storage. The only sane part of my room is my bookshelf, lol.

    And yeah, I can't wait to decorate my own space! Richard and I talk about our future home endlessly and are so excited. That won't be for years as we have no money, but it's wonderful to daydream ^_^

  6. Oh, your bookshelf is glorious! So organized!

    I can't wait to decorate my future home too! Day dreaming is good sometimes, at least we'll have plenty of ideas when the time comes around! :)


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