Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's with the name?!

Part of the reason I delayed so much when it came to creating a blog was because I was so busy in college the past year (that's final year for you, be warned!). Another major reason was because I just couldn't think of a name for it! I seriously wracked my brains and no matter what, I couldn't think of anything witty or snappy or memorable or cute. The few times I did think of something I liked, it was already taken (upon investigation, one that I really liked was not only taken but not even being used, the name was just taken cos it was such a well known phrase and they didn't want others to use it. Brats). Anywho, I finally came up with 'Rare Opal' yesterday, I was so proud of it. I mentioned it to one of my brothers and.... silence. I think I could hear the crickets outside it was that quiet. He didn't know what to make of it. Thinking that while he wouldn't 'get it' and that my sister would, I rushed to tell her, only to get this response: It sounds like the name of some antiques store. Wah wah wah waaaaaaahhhh. But by this stage I had already created it and decided I would stick with it, even if it did sound like I was trying to flog some antiques.

I chose 'Rare Opal' for a few reasons. First off, opal is my birth stone and I'd always been fascinated by them, their colours especially black opals and the mysteries around them. Opals are associated with bad luck, in retrospect not something you'd want with a blog or any new venture but they are apparently good luck if they are your birthstone, so phew! If I'm being really honest, I only thought of opal as a blog name when I looked at my new painted nails, which looked like opals to me. To go with opal, I chose 'rare' as my own name is quite rare. I've never met anyone with the same name as me though I know they exist! I guess another reason I picked it is cos I'm one of a kind!


  1. hahahaha i love the sounds of the crickets! i love your blogname, it's so pretty.

  2. What your sister said is not so bad: antiques are timeless and classy just like you ;) xoxo, Deb

  3. Awww, thank you Donna and Deb! I'm glad others like it, I feel more confident about it now! <3


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