Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 Day Music Meme: Day Nineteen

Day 19- A song from your favourite album

I hate when these posts ask for favourite X, because I can never pick my one and only truly favourite anything. But one album that does come to mind the The Pulp Fiction Soundtrack. I love it as Quentin Tarantino does a good job of picking songs that fit in so well with his films (not just Pulp Fiction) but also because there is a great mix of different songs. In general, I’m not a huge fan of listening to whole albums (I’d rather mix it up a bit) but this is one of the exceptions.

My favourite song from the album is probably the opening song, Misirlou by Dick Dale and his Del-Tones. It is instantly recognizable as ‘that song from Pulp Fiction’. I was surprised to learn that the song is originally a Greek folk song, but I love the surf rock Dick Dale’s version, it’s so happy and dancey. It has a great beat to it, which shown again in the Black Eyed Peas’ song Pump It, which used to be my second most played song on my iPod before the Great iPod Wipe of 2010. Though it seems a lot of people don’t enjoy that version of the song!

The version on the album comes complete with the Pumpkin/Honey Bunny dialogue between Tim Roth and Amanda Plummer, which can also be found on YouTube, but since yesterday’s song was all about the expletives, I’ve gone for a clean version for today!


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