Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Day Music Meme: Day One

Day 1- Your Favourite Song

I’m not sure I have a favourite favourite song. It all depends on the mood I’m in. I could have a favourite that lasts a few days, then the next song that becomes my favourite could be it for months. I like so many styles of music I don’t even know if I could pick my favourite genre. Again, it all depends on my current mood.

When I first looked at the list of categories for this meme a month or so ago, I thought I’d go by iPod play counts to try help me choose songs. But then remembered that due to my old laptop crashing and having to reload all my songs onto the new laptop, my play counts had been wiped. I don’t remember many of my top played song, but I do remember the top played song. And it’s the one I’m going to choose. Could It Be Magic by Take That. I know the original is by Barry Manilow, but it just doesn’t do it for me. The Take That one though, it always makes me happy when I hear it. I could listen to it on repeat without ever getting bored. In fact, I have done that, which probably contributed to it it being played over 700 times on my iPod.

I don’t know why I love this song so much, probably because it reminds me of my childhood. I was just old enough to remember Take That when I was younger, but I remember more the later days, just before they broke up. I heard this song years later though and it, along with other Take That songs I had forgotten, just flooded my mind with childhood memories. Not specific memories, more just general childhood feelings.

I had to put this on while writing this. And I can’t help but dance in my seat! And while I’m not particularly partial to the Barry Manilow version, I am keen on the version Leona Lewis sang on The X Factor. She sings it with so much emotion, but it still makes me want to dance. I enjoy this version so much that it was also in my Top 5 Most Played on iTunes. Maybe it is my most favourite favourite song ever then!


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