Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 Day Music Meme: Day Twenty Three

Day 23- A song that you want to play at your wedding

When I think back to all the weddings I’ve been to, I honestly can’t remember any of the first dance songs. Not one of them. I’m sure they were all lovely and very romantic and suiting, but my mind has gone blank. I tend to enjoy weddings more for the cheesy bad songs that are played. So for that reason I’ll include two songs today, one for the more romantic side of a wedding and the other for the disco part.

8 Days a Week is a lovely, simple but utterly romantic song by The Beatles. And one that I think would be beautiful to dance to at a wedding. Though that’s not to say I would pick it as my first dance song (if I ever should get married that is!).

On the completely opposite side of it, is the Grease Mega Mix from the film Grease. Music for a wedding should always get people on their feet and this song is certainly a (cheesy) crowd pleaser!




  1. Oh I love Grease, one of my fvaourite movies and soundtracks! :D My favourite is definitely the theme by Frankie Vallie.

    As for wedding songs, I know what song I want to walk down the aisle to, but don't have a clue for the first dance. LOL, I said to Richard that part of me really wants "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga to be on the playlist but it'd be real awkward for a wedding given the name of the song! I just know people dance like monkeys to this one :D

  2. Oh, I love Grease too! The first time I watched it, Mum and Dad danced around the living to 'You're the One that I Want', lol! The Grease Theme by Frankie Vallie is my favourite too! :D The mega-mix is definitely more wedding disco though!

    And I read that 'Bad Romance' doesn't mean a horrible/dreadful relationship. But rather about the passion and lust of a bad (tacky) romance novel!

  3. I quite like that interpretation of the song, it makes sense! And hahaha, were you a fan of 5ive back when they were at their hay-day? 5ive ripped the melody off the Grease theme for one of their songs, "Rock The Party", it's quite catchy too! :)

  4. Omg, I forgot about that song! I was a huge fan of 5ive, have them on my iPod now!


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