Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Art Deco Cloud Nail Art

This is my second nail post that is inspired by all this 1920s, Art Deco and The Great Gatsby (1st found HERE). I’ve actually tried this look before, in my Black and Gold Nails for New Year’s Eve (where I got my inspiration from the amazing Lynnie on Ever since then I’ve been dying to try it with a mint green background instead of nude. And I love how it worked out!


Natural Light


With Flash

I recommend using the brush of the polish to create the clouds, I tried using nail art brushes but it just made things messier. If you have a particularly wide brush, I suggest turning it on its side to make it thinner.

Products Used

Green- Sinful Colors in Mint Apple

Gold- Revlon in Gold Coin

Black- Wet N Wild in Black Cream

What other colours do you think would look good? Let me know and I might try them out!


  1. love it! Can barely paint my right hand never mind do nail art on it!

    1. thanks! Ya, I was surprised it turned out so well on my right hand tbh!

  2. Fair play to you for doing the right hand, I am so hopelessly bad at doing my right hand! Lovely colours x

    1. thanks Sharon! Ya, it was a miracle they turned out ok on my left hand, usually I'm cat!


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