Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots

I was SO excited when I saw these in Superdrug last week. I love Superdrug! They seem to get things in faster than Boots at times. Not to mention they have loads of different brands not available other places (like MUA, I snapped up 6 of their nail polishes last week thanks to Cherry Sue!). Also I was in luck, as it was buy 3 for 2 on cosmetics and as my boyfriend said when I told him all this ‘Sure, at that rate you’re just making money!’. Usually I try and space nail posts apart but I had to post this one today.

I picked up 3 out of 4 of the shades: Shooting Star, Rain Forest Canopy and Speckled Pink. I left Chalk Dust as I had just bought L’Oreal’s Confetti Topcoat the week before (swatches here). The other 3 are not topcoats like Chalk Dust though, rather they are jelly based nail polish with the same type of glitter pieces in it. A similar effect to China Glaze’s It’s a Trap-eze and Nails Inc Sprinkles range. I was especially excited to try Speckled Pink as I thought it might be similar to Nails Inc Topping Lane or Revlon’s Girly.



Natural Light

Speckled Pink actually didn’t turn out to be light the Nails Inc or Revlon polishes at all, because while they have a pastel base, this pink is almost bubblegum. It’s definitely my favourite of the 3. My next favourite is the green Rain Forest Canopy. I will have to give the blue Shooting Star another chance, I was quite heavy handed on the swatch above so it doesn’t look as nice as the other two.

I also decided to mattify these too just to see what they looked like.


I prefer them without the matt topcoat but it is an interesting effect.

I’d love if there were more colours in the range, specifically an orange and a purple one. Fingers crossed Maybelline add some more!


  1. I have the pink one and I really like it! Great value!

    1. Ya, I love it! And the price is great


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