Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY: Galaxy Shoes

I fell in love with the idea of having galaxy shoes some time after I did my Galaxy nails. This week I finally got around to actually making some! I’m very happy with how they turned out.



They are really easy to make! Here’s how




Paint brush


Fabric paint/Acrylic paint in navy, park purple, white and black (and pink too if you want)

Something to mix paint on (old plastic plate, artist palette, paper plate)

Old toothbrush

White canvas shoes (you can use black too though)

Glitter paint (optional)


1. First set up your work area, use old newspaper underneath to protect surfaces. Tape the white rubber parts along the edge of the shoes so paint won’t get on this part. Remove laces.

2. Mix your paint up. You’ll need navy, dark purple, black, white, lighter blue (mix white and navy to get the colour you want) and light purple (mix white and dark purple to get the colour you want).

3. Start by dabbing on navy around the shoe, though do not cover the entire shoe in blue. Dab purple on as well, the sponge is the best for this to help blend in areas of different colours. You’ll want to pretty much cover the entire shoe with navy and purple. Leave to dry for 20 mins or so.

4. Once dry, you’ll apply the lighter colours on top to give some shading. Make sure they’re no harsh lines, that everything blends together. Use the black as well to add some extra dark shading. It’s really up to you what you want it to look like, I kept some of my navy and dark purple paint so I could dab on top of the light blue if I thought I had too much light blue. I didn’t use pink but I’ve seen a lot of pink used and it is very pretty. You can Google images for inspiration, I used this video by stylishteenbeauty on YouTube, there’s other videos to use as well.

5. If you are working with black shoes as the base, I should start with the light colours, leave dry and then add the dark colours as shading. I just think the dark colours will shoe up better over the lighter background rather over the black.

6. Using the old toothbrush, or a paint brush, dip into the white paint and splatter over the shoes to create the stars effect. You can use a small paint brush and paint on random bigger stars here and there if you’d like.

7. If you want to use some glitter paint, you can either splatter a bit on with the white paint or else just dab it here and there. I didn’t use a lot, just a few dabs per shoe as I didn’t want it too glitter.

8. Leave overnight to dry and you’re done! You can finish with an acrylic sealer but I didn’t. I’ve painted on shoes before and not had a problem. Put back in your laces and rock your look!





As you can see, I wasn’t very careful with the tape so some paint seeped down. Other than that though I’d say it’s a success! My brother even knew what they were supposed to be which is always a good sign!


  1. Ahh brilliant idea! So creative and clever.

    1. thanks Sharon! Looks like we're both on crafty kicks at the moment!


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