Thursday, May 23, 2013

YouTube Pick of the Week

Here we go again!

This isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste but hear me out! I’m a bit of a London Underground nut, it fascinates me. The above video is the 1st part of a 6 part documentary done by BBC last year called The Tube. Each one focuses on a different aspect of the The Tube (the above is all about what the Tube is like at the weekend, the highs and lows. The others in the series are Revenue, Emergency Response, Upgrading the Tube, Rush Hour and Night). It shows drivers, engineers, fluffers (they go into the tunnels at night and dust and clean them!), people who work in the ticket offices and so on and so forth. I think it was fantastic and if you’re any bit curious about how the Tube works, then it worth a look.

Last YouTube Pick I had the 3rd in this series and then a few days after this one came out! So I had to add this next one. They are just so funny.

The Great Gatsby is all over the place. But what if Disney did one? With animals? Well, look no further! The audio of the Gatsby trailer has been used with clips from The Aristocats to give us The Great Catsby. Genius.

They Actually Made That is a new YouTube channel, there are only 3 videos so far, but I’m enjoying them. The channel is so far showing toys that have been produced. In this video there’s an array of Playmobil sets, some of them are just unreal!

Sticking with toys, we move onto Lego. This is the beginning of Casino Royale done completely with Lego, with the audio added on top. It’s incredible!

Last up is a video from Charlieissocoollike for YouTube’s Comedy Week. It’s a trailer called The Tea Chronicles and looks a bit creepy to me!


  1. I was watching the Celebrities Read Mean Tweets today!! The Jimmy Kimmel videos are very funny, check out the Halloween Candy prank and Valentine's Gift prank ones xx

    1. I LOVE the Halloween Candy prank, so so funny!


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