Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Book Releases I’m Looking Forward To

I really enjoyed doing the 2014 post I did last year, so I decided to do it again this year. Here’s some of the books I know about that I’m looking forward to.

So You’ve Been Publically Shamed- Jon Ronson

so you've been pubically shamed

Probably my most anticipated book of the year! I’ve enjoyed all the Ronson books I’ve read so far (just have The Men Who Stare at Goats left to read). For So You’ve Been Publically, Ronson travelled three years interviewing people who have been victims of high profile public shamings, such as people who have made mistakes at work and people who have gone viral on social media for the wrong reasons. It’s a way of showing how much of a force shame is, how we are quick to point out peoples flaws and point fingers for them living outside what we set as ‘normal’ in society. 31st March


Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery- Jenny Colgan

summer at the little beach street bakery

The first book was on my list last year and this year I’m looking forward to follow up. I enjoy Colgan’s works and it’s possible that the Little Beach Street Bakery setting is my favourite in all the books. I don’t know what the story actually revolves around, but seeing as it revolves around Polly, her bakery and her puffin, then I’m happy to read it! 26th February





Miss Mayhem- Rachel Hawkins

miss mayhem

This is the follow up book to Rebel Belle, which I really enjoyed last year. In Rebel Belle, perfect student Harper is the perfect Southern Belle has powers passed onto her and discovers she is now a Paladin, someone who’s job it is to protect someone else. Lo and behold, that someone else turns out to be the person she despises! The book was fun, it reminded me of Buffy, with it’s kickass female lead and magical elements to it. Second book is bound to be just as fun too. 7th April



Winter- Marissa Meyer


The 4th book in the Lunar Chronicles. Super sad that it’s not out until towards the end of the year, I thought it was originally out earlier but I think it was then pushed back. This book is a Snow White retelling, we’ve already seen a small glimpse of the character at the end of Cress. There is a companion story coming out soon though on 27th Janurary, more of a 3.5 in the series, that revolves around Queen Levana and her back story, so at least I have that to tide me over until November! 10th November



Finders Keepers- Stephen King

finders keepers

Follow up book to Mr. Mercedes and I can’t wait! I loved the misfit team in the first book and can’t wait to see those characters again. I’ve enjoyed all the King books I’ve read so far and I am really loving the whole mystery detective genre again lately so this book will be great. 2nd June





I Regret Nothing- Jen Lancaster

i regret nothing

I’ve read all of Lancaster’s memoirs so far and really enjoy them. In this book, Lancaster makes a bucket list of things to do and I’m sure it’ll be just as funny as the other books. 5th May






A God in Ruins- Kate Atkinson

a god in ruins

This is one I’ve just recently found out about and have put on the list, purely because I enjoyed Life After Life. In Life After Life, the book follows Ursula, whereas this book is about her brother Teddy. I’m not too sure about the format of this book, as in Life After Life, when Ursula dies she is reborn and restarts her life, with knowledge of her previous lives and how making certain decisions changes the outcome of each life. I don’t know if that will have an effect on Teddy’s life or not, I really don’t know what to expect of this book but I’ll probably pick it up at some stage. May 27th



The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch

This is the next book in the Rivers of London series and while I enjoyed Foxglove Summer, it did seem like it was a bit of a filler, as there was barely any movement of the events from the previous book, which ended on a MASSIVE cliffhanger. I’m hoping this book picks up from there as I am dying to know what happens! 19th November

That’s all I could find out about that intrigued me, I hope there’s another Robert Galbraith book as I’m really enjoying that series. I had hoped there would be another Mary Roach out this year but I can’t see anything online about one unfortunately. I’m sure as the year goes on I’ll hear of other books but for now that’s it.

Any books you’re looking forward to this year? Let me know in a comment below!


  1. I love these posts. I remember last years one and I found a tonne of new books.
    That first book sounds brilliant! It is definitely going on the list. I have The little beach street bakery but I haven't read it yet. If I like it I will definitely pick up the second book. I love the covers of those books too (not that it matters but it's always nice when you find a pretty one)

    1. Aww that's great to hear :) I love seeing these posts and videos too, in fact it was from Twitter that I saw the God in Ruins book. I love Jon Ronson books, I find them fascinating, so I'm super excited for this one! Yes, I get what you mean about covers, they really can catch your eye. I love the cover for the Ronson book but there's another cover that matches all the other books he's done with some cool drawings :)

  2. LOVE this post!! I don't need anymore books but I appreciate it nonetheless ;) Have to read Mr Mercedes this year and the Lunar Chronicles and then I can pick these up! So you've been publicly shamed sounds fascinating as does the Kate Atkinson, although again, I haven't yet read Life After Life! So many books, so little time!

    1. Oh trust me, I don't need any more books to add to my tbr list! I even have a list within that list now of the top books I want to read from that! Lunar Chronicles are quick YA reads, retellings of fairytales, you'll fly through them if you pick them up!


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