Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Reading Resolutions

Doing a Reading Resolution post is one of my favourite things at the beginning of the year. I love to read but I think doing this post helps keep things interesting and also to try new things and to get out of my comfort zone. I don’t think I have that many this year but hopefully I can be motivated to get things done!

1. Read To Kill a Mockingbird

This one has ended up on my 2013 and 2014 list and I STILL haven’t read it! I got an ebook copy last year when it was launched in ebook edition as Amazon was giving it away for free so I should have no excuse really. If I don’t have this read by at least October, will someone just beat me up with a copy of it while dressed as Gregory Peck? Thanks.

2. Reduce the amount of books I own to read

Like I said in my 2014 Reading Review, I think I only read 6 physical books of my own last year, having read a lot of ebooks and books from the library. I definitely bought more than 6 books last year too, so I really want to treat my own books as a library and get through what I own. Besides, I need to make room for new books too!

3. Read more diversely

This was also another resolution from last year but one I really sucked at. I’m going to make a list of books, I know there’s loads in my Goodreads. Maybe I’ll try only to use the library to get books from authors of colour and from different countries? Also, I want this to be genre wise too, I like the idea of trying genres I’m not overly keen on. I tried it last year and read some graphic novels which I liked.

4. Give this reading challenge a go

book challenge 2015

Sharon from Behind Green Eyes tagged me on Facebook and I decided to give this a go. I’ll probably double or triple up on some challenges, which is fine, as it’s just a bit of fun. Play along too!

5. Read a Russian author

I don’t know why, but reading a Russian author intimidates me a bit. Probably because in my head they’re all massive books like War and Peace! I’ve never read a Russian author before (not that I can think of anyway) so any suggestions are welcome!

6. Try more audiobooks

I listened to three audiobooks last year and would love to up that number a bit, maybe to 6. I do listen to a lot of podcasts as it is but I do enjoy audiobooks when I listen to them and I can get them for free from library too which is a bonus.

7. Do a themed reading month

I really enjoyed the Irish authors theme I did last month so I want to try it again. Beth from Plastic Rosaries posted a few challenges so I might join her one month for one of them! There’s also the Fem-tellectual themed months too.

So less goals than last year (which was 8) and 2013 (12) but I feel happy with this and hopefully will succeed. With 2 goals being just to read one book it shouldn’t be too hard! Have you got any resolutions when it comes to reading? It might be something small like read a book or something big like read 100 books, just let me know below I’d love to hear!


  1. I seriously have to just start reading what I own. Seriously, it's gone beyond a joke. I keep adding to my TBR pile and to my kindle, it's a danger! I also want to read all the Harry Potter books again this year, only read half of the 7th one and have never read the 8th. About to start the 3rd one but want to space them out! I want to give a few "unfinished" ones another go too, like The Time Traveller's Wife.

    1. Ya, it's ridiculous how much I keep adding to it but then head off to the library! I should reread the HP books actually, I don't feel like I remember all the little details that well anymore!


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