Sunday, January 4, 2015

December Wrap Up

Last wrap up of 2014! I had a nice December, busy at times but not manic, which was nice. Here’s some of the things I got up to and enjoyed

Socializing- December is always a busy month for people! This month I went with my boyfriend, cousin, her boyfriend and their friends to Morley Cheeks to their all you can eat wings and ribs night, met up with people back home at Christmas in various different places but the biggest was a large group of us having dinner at an Indian restaurant, my usual knit club meet ups, New Year’s Eve with some wonderful new friends in Manchester and a trip to London, where I went to The Ice Kingdom at Winter Wonderland.
ice kingdom

Crafting- A lot of Christmas presents! I made a Christmas stocking for my new cousin, a shawl for my mother, a scarf for my boyfriend’s mother, a doughnut pin cushion for a friend and made a bunch of printed bags for people (but didn’t take pictures of those). My Dad also made my knitted birds into a mobile for my new cousin.
craft collage

Receiving- Some wonderful gifts! I got a camera from my parents, which will hopefully help improve the quality of some of my pictures. I got some great gifts from people, including books, a hand knitted hedgehog, a hand knitted snood, some Tube themed notepaper, a beautiful hand stitched flamingo ornament and loads of wool shop vouchers (most of which has already been spent!).
         gifts  flamingo decoration

Wearing- My handmade flamingo Christmas jumper!!
flamingo jumper

Finding- Paddington Bears. For the release of the new film, there were 50 bear statues designed by different celebrities scattered around London. I only found 4 (I swear I circled Covent Garden 3 or 4 times trying to find the second one there with no luck!) but it was fun to spot them!
Paddington collage

Listening- To Christmas music. My favourite song this year being Feliz Navidad!

And that’s it really. I’m really glad I started making these wrap up posts as I can easily look back through the months and see what I’ve done. It always gives me a chance to reflect on what I did for the month and sometimes when it feels like I’ve done nothing, it turns out I’ve done quite a bit. Hope 2014 was good for you and Happy New Year!


  1. I am so jealous of you spotting those Paddingtons - one of my resolutions may just be to visit London in 2015!

    The doughnut is amazing!! My bag is currently foll of yarn...which is the best way for it to be.

    1. You should go to London!

      I like the doughnut, might make one for myself! the bags were a little messy as it was the first time I tried it, so need to practice. Again, might make one for myself!


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