Friday, January 9, 2015

OPI You’re So Vain-illa (Coca Cola Collection)

I really liked the idea of the Coca Cola Collection OPI did last year. There were a few polishes I liked the look of (ideally I would have loved the mini set) but for some reason this one really stuck in my head. You’re So Vain-illa was the Vanilla Coke polish and it’s a creamy nude colour. It sounds boring and really it isn’t usually the type of polish that would get stuck in my head but it did. I eventually cracked and bought it after Christmas. Here it is!



After my obsession last year with white polishes, I really like this. I find that it’s the perfect mix of a nude and a white polish (I know it is a nude polish but when I think of a nude polish it’s something a bit darker along the lines of Nails Inc Porchester Square). Speaking of white polishes, seeing as I LOVED putting multi coloured glitter over white last year I couldn’t resist adding Essene Circus Confetti on top of this.


I think this is ideal if you want to make the colours of the glitter pop but think white is a bit too stark. I can’t wait to try other looks out with this polish, I’ve already a Valentine’s idea in mind!


  1. Beautiful combination. I saw this and I thought of getting it but OPI don't work well on me for the most part. I love Circus Confetti on top.

    1. I don't own a lot of OPI, mainly because I find them too expensive! I'm looking forward to trying different glitters on this!

  2. This is gorgeous! I know what you mean about getting it stuck in your head, it happened me with OPI "My Vampire is Buff" - I ended up seeing it everywhere so I had to get it! It's nice to have a good creamy nude polish.

    1. Thanks! Apparently this is quite close to My Vampire is Buff, I saw a comparison pic. And come on, surely part of the appeal of My Vampire... to you was the name?! ;)


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