Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Crafty Resolutions

So before I’ve made reading resolutions, general resolutions and food related resolutions but this year I want to concentrate on crafty challenges. It was something I’ve discussed with Sarah last year and in fact she’s made her own challenge post, check it out here.

Since last year I’ve gotten back into knitting and in general that has made me feel a bit more crafty. However I’m still a chronic pinner and want to get some of these pins done.

1. Do some cable knitting

I don’t know why this scares me a bit but it does. Maybe it’s the addition of a 3 needle? I love the look of cables though and totally want to give it a go.

2. Knit a pair of socks

Again, something else that scares me a bit but probably because of the tiny tiny needles used to knit with sock yarn! But I bought myself some really cool self striping yarn and I’m excited to give it a go.

3. Knit myself a garment

Not sure what but I bought ten balls of a wool, I’m sure I can find something to do! Plus, I need to be a bit more selfish and knit for myself!

4. Try crochet

I think I say this to myself every year! I’ve even tried from YouTube videos before but once I get a chain done, everything else seems super complicated, even though it’s probably as easy as pie.

5. Sew 6 new things

Yes, super vague, which I hope doesn’t become my downfall, but I just want to encourage myself to be better friends with my sewing machine! I do have some things in mind though, just don’t want to list them here in case I change my mind!

6. Try cross stitch a heart

Another thing I’ve never really done, I think I tried it once after getting on of those magazines that have a bunch of free stuff in first edition! I’ve got this pinned on Pinterest, I wanted to put down something a specific project here than try cross stitch.

7. Try more clay crafts

In the past I’ve enjoyed making magnets out of clay, so I still have quite a bit in my collection that I want to try and use up

8. Make a map of Ireland out of music sheet paper

I’ve seen something like this on Pinterest and want to give it a go myself

9. More stencilling and printing

I tried this out before Christmas, using stamps I bought and stamps I made out of craft foam so looking forward to perfecting my technique and printing some more thing.

10. Needle felt

Not sure I’ll have patience for this but I’ve seen some simple looking projects on Pinterest which could be fun.

Hopefully I’ll remember this list every time I don’t know what to do or feeling like I need some inspiration.

Do you have any resolutions, crafts or otherwise? Let me know below!


  1. Great list. I'd love to start knitting but I'm sure I'd be awful at it. It seems like such a fun (and handy!) skill to have.

    1. If you do decide to start knitting, go with big chunky wool and bigger chunky needles. Your item will 'grow' faster and it'll be so much satisfying to see it do so! Also it'll be easier to knit like that as the stitches will be bigger and not as fiddly. Give it a go!

  2. You will LOVE cross stitch, it's so satisfying! I used to knit years ago (a scarf, a ghost toy, a teddy bear and a bag!) but I have completely forgotten how. I'd love to do a Harry Potter scarf, a big long Gryffindor one!! Good luck with your resolutions :D x

    1. Oooh a ghost toy! I really want a Slytherin scarf actually, I just got myself a t-shirt from Primark :) Yes, I'm really hoping to like cross stitch, I have this really simple heart saved on Pinterest, start easy!

  3. Love the new minimal look, missus! Best of luck with all your crafty endeavours

    1. Thanks Emma! I've had it like this for a while but just with a plain white background, which was fine but my sister recently set up a blog and I was helping with her layout. I gave her a subtle faded floral background and then got jealous hers was so nice! So I added one too, I think it's pepped it up a bit for the New Year! :)


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