Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 of My Favourite Blog Posts #BEDM

This was the topic for 2nd day of Blog Every Day in May and when looking over the list yesterday to decide what I wanted to post, I decided I wanted to do this post anyway. My blog is almost 4 years old so there are probably posts that recent readers have never read before.

1. In Times of Stress: Taking a Bath

I wrote a post before this about what I like to do to relieve stress but decided I wanted this to be a whole post on its own. Having a bath is so relaxing, I don’t often have one unless I really want to unwind. There’s some beautiful passages from The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath in that post that I really love.

2. World Suicide Prevention Day

I wrote this post for the 2012 World Suicide Prevention Day. I spoke about my own experiences of suicide, after losing a cousin to it, as well as helpful links and sites. I believe it’s important to talk about this issue as it can be such a taboo. Awareness is so important, especially since more people die by suicide in Ireland each year than by car accidents. And considering the amount of car safety ads there are, it’s shocking there isn’t more suicide awareness ads and campaigns.

3. Things I Like: #2 Smell

I started this Things I Like series and while I’ve only done 3 posts over the years (and keep meaning to go back and do more!), this was probably my favourite. In it, I speak about my favourite smells and some interesting facts about smell (like Anosmia is the inability to smell things). If you have a curious mind and like learning things, I think you’d enjoy this post.

4. Things That Kids Won’t Know

A fun, nostalgic look at some of the things that kids today probably aren’t too aware about. The idea for the post came when my brother asked me what a cassette was. And he probably doesn’t know what a Walkman is either, just like the children in this Kids React video.

5. Guilty Pleasures: Stop Being So Guilty About Them!

Inspired by a Dave Grohl quote, in this I speak about we should embrace the things we consider guilty pleasures. If you get enjoyment out of something, no matter how cheesy, trashy or kitch it might be, you should be proud of it as it’s something that makes you you.

I’d have to do a whole other post if I wanted to highlight my favourite food and beauty posts. I just wanted to concentrate on things I had written for this favourites. Feel free to leave a comment, either on here or any of the posts themselves, if you have any thoughts or comments on them. I love getting comments and feedback.

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