Friday, May 2, 2014

April Recap #BEDM

Second day of Blog Every Day in May and I decided to do my April recap. I think I’ll continue doing this every month until I get bored of recaps!

Doing- Searching for jobs. Not very exciting, I know, but essential! If anyone in Manchester wants to help me out in this regard, please leave a comment below. I’m dying to get back to work!

Tweeting- On my new account, made especially for this blog! Follow me @rareopalblog I’d love to chat to you

Watching- Game of Thrones! What else would people be watching?! I went to a Game of Thrones party for the premiere of this season and had a blast. Really enjoying this season so far, The Hound and Ayra in the first episode were just so funny! I’ve also been watching Suits for the first time. Watched the first two seasons in a few days (thanks Netflix!) and will start 3rd season soon.

fuck the king

Wanting- A bath! It sucks only having a shower and not having the choice. I don’t bath that often but I like having then every now and again, as I spoke about in this post way back when. I’m feeling a bit down these past few days and I think it would be the perfect way to wash ways the blues!

Laughing- Over this picture I found on Pinterest


Reading- Check out yesterday’s post to see what I read in March

Missing- Home, my family and friends. I’ve had a massive wave of homesickness wash over me towards the end of April. I’m already looking forward to heading back home again soon! I even miss my snobby cat Jessie, who hates me! Though when I do this to her, it’s easy to see why she hates me.


How was April for you?


  1. Good luck with the job hunting, sorry to hear about the homesickness :( I have yet to see Game of Thrones - I got the book on Honeymoon in 2012 and haven't gone near it, might try and tackle that first and see if it interests me at all!

    1. Thank you Sharon, I'm hoping something crops up soon! Homesickness comes and goes, it's just particularly bad this week. I need to read Game of Thrones myself! I don't think I'll read ahead though once I catch up, as I'd like to be surprised!


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