Monday, May 12, 2014

Darkness Into Light 2014 #BEDM


I’ve spoken briefly about Darkness Into Light in my World Suicide Prevention Day post. It’s a 5km walk and run, organized by Pieta House, a suicide and self-harm awareness organization. The idea of the walk is that you start at 4am while it’s dark and by the time you’ve finished the sun has come up and it’s light. It’s a fantastic walk, this was my 3rd time doing it and my 1st time abroad. London’s walk was in Cricklewood and the turn out was pretty good, especially considering it’s the first year and it was pouring rain! Darkness Into Light started in 2009 in Dublin, with 200 people walking that year. This year, it’s 6th year running, there were 37 locations across Ireland, 2 abroad (London and Sydney) and an estimated 80,000 people turned out, which is just phenomenal. And apparently Irish communities in New York and Boston have expressed an interest in hosting an event next year, which would be amazing.


Start and end location of the walk, The Crown in Cricklewood

Suicide awareness is so important. In Ireland, more people die by suicide than in car accidents and yet there is still such a stigma attached to mental health and suicide. Most likely you have been affected some way by suicide or at least know someone who has. This May is Green Ribbon Month in Ireland, with the aim to get people talking more openly about mental health. I think it’s a fantastic idea and hopefully it will pick up as much popularity as Pink Ribbon Month has over the years.

You can donate to Pieta House here, it’s a very worthy organization.

    IMG_2745 IMG_2749

Just before leaving; Delighted to be almost finished

end retouched

At the finish line; well deserved breakfast!


  1. What an amazing cause. I bet you felt brilliant afterwards. Well done! :) x

    1. Thank you! Yes, I felt great after (despite the wet clothes and blisters!), it was well worth doing


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